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Stear clear of Stanley Glauser Cars Sarasota

Bought a nice, clean lower mileage car from Stanley Glauser. 10 miles down the road total transmission failure. In their nice New York huckster accent "that's too bad. We had no idear". Needless to say we had to pay $2000 and they laughed all the way to the bank. I'm not suggesting that the trouble codes were reset..... Stear clear of these guys, they make the industry look bad. I am guessing the odds of a total transmission failure 10 miles after buying are a 100-1. The odds of bad behaviour on the part of dealer are much better. Their smug attitude indicates all the guilt I need to hear.
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Always been a crook and will never change. What is his real business?


I worked for Stanley about 18 years ago. He was a then what he

apparently still is now. Marketer of worn out vehicles.


Hi Tom you are full of ***,not only do I not know you,or have you ever worked for me.Must have felt good in your sick mind to write this,as in my 35 years of selling and fixing automobiles has anyone named Tom ever work for me........You must lead a very strange and misleading life......But please say out of mine,,,,,,bother someone else.


You are soooo wrong!!!! I have bought 4 cars from Stan and he is the best priced dealer bar nun.

Now, for you to say that is a lie. He is a good man and for the people. You should be ashamed for exploiting him like this. You are unreal!!!

I, from experience buying 4 cars that ur case sounds like u maybe got a lemon but that happens when u buy a used car dummy. Plus, I'm sure he did everything to rite the mistake. Think before u go off and bash him. He is the nicest man.

Sounds like ur the *** for writing this.

Be an adult and call him. I had one problem that was minor and he fixed it no charge so I would call you a bullshitter.


I hope you had good luck. I did not.


Not nice for you to report this.You called us right away and we refunded your money on the spot....why would you post such a mis information.

@stanley glauser

What? You said tough luck!

What nonsense had you stood behind it I certainly would not be a Pissed Consumer. I stand by my comments and they are real.

You turned off the trouble light and tranny failed in less than 3 miles! Tranny shop said no way did you not know.


You know what is amazing...I have been at the same location for over 30 some odd years and all we see is one pissed off customer that I returned their money after finding out the trouble.......Seems to me a pretty good track record......That customer never stated that received their money back.......

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