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Resolved: Omega Juicers - Customer Service Will not Respond to My request to Return Juicer

Update by user Jul 06, 2020

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. OMEGA finally contacted me and I worked with a great representative for the company. The company ordered the pick-up of the juicer and have issued a full refund of the purchase price..

Original review posted by user Jun 05, 2020
I purchased the mmv700s-mega-mouth-veritcal-low-speed-juicer, in January 2020. The first time I used the juicer it clogged and would not masticate the vegetables, ok, I thought maybe it was me. Tried again a few weeks later, same thing, clogged, would not grind most of the vegetables and all the opening had to be cleaned, the veggies get stuck under the augar and the filter gets clogged almost immediately. Tried again about a month later and noticed there was a white wheel piece that fell off the chute - it looked like it was glued and fell off. I tried a few more times, no luck same problem. Well, with the inability to go shopping my hopes of juicing were deferred due to COVID restrictions. I tried again in May and then I gave up - I contacted OMEGA for a return and to discuss the problems and it has now been almost 1 month, I have emailed them repeatedly and still no response. They are not taking phone calls and I have no way of contacting them to return this piece of junk. It is a poorly designed product that needs to go back to the engineer. I want my money back, $386 is a lot of money to throw away for a defective product!


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I am going to a similar case.

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This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Bingohall - I just got scammed out of my winnings

Update by user Apr 07, 2019

No resolution and nobody contacted me. I have not played there since the filing of this complaint. I can assure you, although they have thousands of loyal players, I am no longer one of them and it will definitely impact them.

Original review posted by user Mar 08, 2019
I got scammed out of my $3,500 winnings, and they kept it as well, didn’t even return it to my account. They said that I breached the terms and conditions because i wagered over $5 on a Carnival Game. I do not understand what that means. I played the game once with my cash deposit and lost every cent. Continued to play with my bonus money and played through the required amount and had $3,500 to withdrawl. Now they stole it from me. I have been playing there for years and years and have not played any different. I never heard of a $5 wagering thing, I still don’t know what it is and I am so pissed right now I can’t even think.
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I’ve got scammed as well but out of 3k i gotten back 1500. I made two separate withdrawals and they never responded to my first one, never returned it nor did i ever receive it.

Then i hit a 10k jack pot i got 1000 out of it and the rest guess what gone. They are changing rules each time, constantly and repeatedly giving me the run around to submit documents or cards etc. then your given a pay out date but the. Nothing is payed out you message them back and then you get a they never received no documents.

I don’t know why but if there is a max wager why don’t they set their site to do just that rather then just sit back and watch us win big meet our play through then say sorry you can only cash out this amount due to what ever it is they wanting to make Up. Hope they get better at their payouts would be really really sad to watch this site go down the toilet


They just added this end of last year. I got burned by it big time too.

They claim it's always been there but that's not true.

They hid it in the bonus rules section so you wouldn't see it under the normal withdrawal guidelines page. Very sneaky!


Yes, and very sad they continue to scam players. I am still so mad because it is very hard to try and play through the bonus and when you finally do and can withdrawl they cheat you out of the very rare cash out.


When they give you a bonus, you are not allowed to make a bet over $5. So whatever game you were playing, the bet was at least 5$ or more.

Weird thing is, I looked in the terms and conditions, and I could not find anywhere it says that.

It's ashame that they're still scamming people. I'm trying to find away to delete my account.


After all the years I have played with them this was the final straw. The had scammed me many times over but I have had enough.

I sent them an email and they deleted my account, I am sure they will do the same for you. All the points you have accumulated will be gone so if you want to play again you will have to start all over again.

I am not ever giving them another penny of my money, ever. Good luck.

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  • These people are scam artists and will not allow payouts
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