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USAA is the worst insurance company ever

after nearly 20 years, they dropped me after a single vehicle accident when i called them to complain about their terrible customer service. Stay away from this company. 20 years, without having to pay a cent as a result of my driving and they dropped me as a client. I called disputing their refusal to pay for part of a claim I submitted and was subsequently dropped a few days later. They had no problem collecting my money for 20 years, but refused to assist when I needed them the most, two weeks before I deployed overseas. I would caution anyone considering using them for insurance. By the way, I received a lower rate from someone else anyways, so it all worked out for the better. Former member 528****
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As many of you have stated here, USAA (and specifically their claims department) is one of the worst in the insurance industry to deal with. The entire "we haven't talked to our client" game that they play is unethical.

They play it this way in the hopes that people with just go away, or file a claim with their own insurance company. Statistically, they probably have found that a small percentage do just that - so they never have to pay the claim. For those that want resolution, contact your state insurance department, or an attorney, to get things resolved.

Oh, and if any of you are lucky enough to speak with Linda Cordova, a claims rep at USAA, please write back, as I am not sure she exists (after 7 voicemails in 7 days). USAA is WORTHLESS!


Just spoke with n auto insurance claims agent and their insured hit my vehicle. USAA is waiting for a statement from their driver.

It's been a month and they still hace not heard from their insured. USAA said since they do not coorespond they can deny the claim.

What kind of *** is that? Is that even legal?


Their insured driver hit our car and per police report it was their driver who was 100% at fault. USAA refused to accept any liability.

Our car is damaged for almost a month and cannot use it. On the phone these people are hard to reach and when they answer they are totally unreasonable.

@USAA is nothing but Fraud

Did you ever get them ti fix ur vehicle? I'm In this boat and it's frustrating.


They are not a legitimate insurance company. They have the worst customer service of any insurance company I've ever delt with.

Tried to make a claim and they lied the whole time. Changing their reasons for the rejection. Please avoid them at all costs!!!

"Worst company" is an understatement. Can they be reviewed by congress for corporate neglegence?


I agree with all of the above they have been :cry aweful they are impersonal they don't have manners. they say one thing and then do another.

They could care less if you are a civilian. If your Military High Brass they treat you like a Corporal.

Seriously...they are fibbers, and blatent cheats that love your money!

that's it...they should be reported to the insurance commission for fraud. :upset


I too have been dropped by USAA after 11 years of paying them my money, their service was never that great anyway. They dont treat you like a person just another number....

I had only 1 minor accident and they dropped me after 11 years!

WOW!! Who was cheaper for you Todd, I am now looking.

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