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A Foreign Affair - Domestic meetings

Now that I have read things here about the overseas tour, I am able to see a bit more clearly. I am thinking that most of this is just an elaborate scam. And theu can afford to pull it off based om what I have read because they are ripping us off for thousands if not millions of dollars. Then all they have to do is edit videos and show pictures of the occasional wedding which is likely between some rich guy and a hottie that claims to have fallen in love willing to give up the lifestyle. I have met 3 different women domestically in the United States. Paid $400 for each meeting and did not receive their phone numbers until the day of the meeting. One I met in Miami. The ither 2 I met in L.A. Each one I spent a couple hundred dollars in exchanging letters getting to know. They all happened to make it seem like their feelings were progressing so much. Then when I got to actually meet them it was like a completely different story. Each of them wanted to meet at some expensive place for food. Even the damned Starbucks was expensive especially after the girl ordered her organic food *** Then they lie to your face telling you how they had a great time and plan something for later but then they either don't contact you or feed you a bs line about how they didn't feel the spark or connection. They didn't feel it because they already have a boyfriend. Proof of that? One girl, all I did was try to hold her hand and she pulled away. After the content expressed in the letters about kisses and such she has a problem with simple hand holding? I'm not a bad looking guy either. But she gave off all the classic signals of a woman that was loyal to someone else. I have spent the last 3 years investing in this company trying to find the woman for me and even finally signed up for an Individual tour to Kiev in April. But now, after reading all of this I am not even sure I want to bother going all the way over there just for the disappointments. Perhaps I should chwck out Christian Filipina website.
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Stop wasting your time trying to meet foreign women who only want to rip you off and associate with scam artists. They will consider and treat you far worse than any woman here.

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