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Sears - Bad Customer Service

I have been a customer of Sears for a very long time. Quite often, I shop at Sears Outlet store on the corner of University and Forsyth Road. I made multiple purchases through out the years for my home and my business and I have never had a problem with them up until now… A little over a year ago, I have purchased a microwave. It cost us about $400-500. Not even a year later, it just stopped working. I got a technician to come out and fix it. All that was wrong was a fuse. I also had one of my employees come out and help the person to fix it… After 15min., he changed it and gave me a bill for $160… I was very unhappy, especially after I found out that the microwave that I have purchased was actually 5 years old! I was not aware of that…. A few weeks after fixing the fuse, the handle broke off. It looked as it was burned… ANOTHER PROBLEM! As an unhappy customer, I finally made myself to call the store and see if they can fix this problem. I had my assistant calling sears… I guess they do not have a customer service department because it took forever to contact anyone that could help. After multiple phone conversations, she has been told that an escalated email was sent to corporate and someone should contact you. 48 hours later, no one contacted me… Making more phone calls to the point where one of the representatives told her we would not do anything about it. As frustrated as I was, I personally went back into the store to speak to a manager… Come to find out a manager has been working only for couple of months and he can not do anything about it. We have been told he will email corporate AGAIN…. After another 48 hours, no one contacted us… My assistant once again had to call the manager and ask what is going on. His response: "Oh! They emailed me back yesterday, saying that they won't do anything about it." I keep finding out that customer service is not one of the first priorities to businesses these days… It is extremely disappointing, and as a business owner I look at is as failing to do your job providing service to the public.
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I purchase a mens wedding ring April 29, 2012 from the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL. I was with my fiance and my children so I was being a bit sneaky and didn't want him to see the ring. The representative at the counter was very helpful and assisted in getting the purchase complete in a semi covert manner. She asked as she was putting the ring in the box if I wanted her to leave the price on it and I told her no so he doesn't see it. She removed the price and put it in a pretty silver box and gift bag. I then asked her if he didn't like it was it returnable since it was on sale? She said yes and pointed to the date on the receipt toward the bottom and read it to me, 7/28/12.

We did in fact go with another ring that was white gold instead of the silver so I attempted to return the original ring to Sears yesterday and was told that without the price on it I couldn't return it. The very price that the other associate took off! I then asked to speak with her and was told they didn't know who the person was and there was nothing to be done other than call a manager in the morning.

Today I called and spoke with Sue, who identified herself as the jewelry manager. I explained the situation and she asked for the associate # on my receipt. I gave it to her and she informed me that they had "no one at that store with that #" and that I "must have bought it at another location". I told her I was looking at the receipt and KNOW where I was when I bought it. She then told me that again without the ticket I couldn't return it.... I told her that Her sales girl took it off and she then said "YOU told her too"! She was very nasty. She then started telling me that It's not returnable anyway since more than 30 days. I reminded her that my receipt says 7/28/12 and that I specifically asked the sales girl. She said I should have read the "small print on the back of your receipt". I was fuming at this point and then she said, "you bought it April 29? it's more than 90 days any way so no matter what it's not returnable". I'm loosing my mind with her barrage of excuses as to why SEARS, a store I have frequented ALL my life, has excuse after excuse as to why they don't know Who the sales person was, why my receipt says return by 7/28/12, why she would have taken the price off KNOWING that I may return it and it would void the return, why she would specifically TELL me that it was returnable until 7/28/12 if it was really only 30 days (we even discussed my wedding date was June 16th or she KNEW it was more than 30 days) ?

I admittedly was very upset when I spoke with Sue but she continuously talked over me and was very rude. I asked her not to be rude and she said she won’t be talked to like this or yelled at and hung up on me! I am livid.

I called back to speak with anyone else and was transferred to a gentleman in lawn equipment who stated that he would give my information to Donna Campbell whom he said was the storage manager. I have yet to hear back.

It is only $190 I believe but it is the principal at this point. I asked about the return date and went in to return within the allotted time I was told. I kept the ring in its original box, inside the original gift bag, including the stuffing paper, WITH the receipt. I cannot believe I actually had this kind of experience at a store, much less SEARS.

- Melissa Knight


sears would not sell you a used product that was 5 years old, it may have been a 5 year old model (but your the one shopping at an outlet store) Anything sears sells comes with a 1 year manufactures defect. You should have fought that and had it taken care of for free (no charge) since you claim it was less than a year old.

hope you caught the manufacture defect part, who ever made that microwave being is the one saying they are not fixing it. Even if it was a Kenmore it was most likely made by whirlpool. If you purchase a Sears protection allurement sears covers the product, not the manufacture.

They will fix or replace your item... In my moms case they replaces a 700 microwave.


This is how Sears screw their customers out of cash. Stop shopping there so they go out of business.

There are a lot of businesses who take care of their customers, no questions asked. These other businesses know where the bread and butter comes from and they take care of the customer. Sears will do anything to *** over for more cash. Then when you try to get any kinda help, they ignore you.

I took my $700 snow blower in for just a minor tune-up.

I never hear from them, so I go back to the store to find out whats going on. I am told they couldn't get parts for it so they decided to destroy it. Then they tell me they would give me 25% off a new model I wanted. Who the *** gives these people rights to destroy a perfectly good snow blower which was taken in for just a minor carb cleaning.

If they didn't want to do the job they should of gave back my snow blower. They don't have the right to destroy it. Even worse they're trying to get me to buy another one from them. This people is how they try to *** for more money.

Sears is going under and they are doing everything they can to *** out of your money before they fall. After talking to store managers and emailing the pretend customer service people online, not one of them will admit they screwed up. I have decided to get my lawyer involved.

Oh yea, and on some of these sites where Sears have their social media people patroling complaint sites pretending to respond to angry customers.

They are only doing this, so people think they actually care. I've dealt with them already and these social media support people are just as bad as the store personel.

Stop supporting Sears when they don't care about their customers. They are a failing business which will be gone soon, then you will really be screwed out of all your warranties.

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Regal Cinemas Oviedo Market Place Stadium 22

This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Regal Cinemas customer service representative named Michael Smith, further found out to be the General Manager. Couple of weeks ago, my-self and my wife went to see the movies hoping to have a good evening. We bought some popcorn and went in to watch the movie. However, after the show, my wife told me that she ate a band-aid that was in the popcorn we have bought earlier… For one, I am already unhappy to pay the amount they charge for it, now I find out about this incident I am outraged… To be polite I pulled Mr. Smith aside to let him know what has happened. All he did was write down his name and number. Right there and then, I received horrible customer service. Nothing was said to make the situation better. Come to find out the number I received was not his direct number… After I asked my assistant to find the right phone number she called the theater to find out how to deal with a problem. After she has been on hold for several minutes, Michael Smith came on the line. She explained my problem to him, as well as, asked for the corporate office information. Once heard about the issue Mr. Smith did nothing to solve the complaint again, he provided the corporate information and got of the phone. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am not returning to this movie theater if some action will not be taken to better customer service. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience.
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Maybe the manager was performing some work or taking care of another customer when your assistant called. He likely did not realize that the The Almighty, sorry The Almighty's assistant, was on hold and he should drop everything to pick up your very important call.

Do you know how many phone calls a theater manager gets in a week from a customer claiming that something happened to them on their last visit? There are so many scams that a theater manager has to deal with it is ridiculous. Did you have proof that she ate a Band-Aid? How did your wife know that she ate a band-aide?

Even if you presented a Band-Aid to the manager, how is he to know that the Band-Aid was actually in the popcorn and not from your pocket??

Believe it or not the manager has to investigate the matter like Kelly stated in a previous comment. I know, you wouldn't lie about something like that, but hundreds of other movie patrons DO lie about that stuff every month in an attempt to get money or free passes.


Regal Cinemas at Oviedo in my opinion is the worst theater complex in the greater Orlando market. In my opinion, I have witnessed numerous times very poor customer service from on duty management...which trickles down to bad staff memembers.

This is why my family NEVER goes to Regal Cinemas in Oviedo. Poor and disrespectful service is NOT going to be rewarded.

There are plenty of nearby theaters to choose from that are NOT Regal. We suggest to all our friends and family when we hear they are going to a movie to avoid Regal Cinemas in Oviedo.


She ate a band aid? Saying your wife ate a bandaid, doesn't necessarily mean she did. As the manager he probably gave you his number, the number to the theatre, so you could contact him at a later time after he had a chance to investigate whether or not any staff lost a bandaid.

Depending of the size of the theatre there is only one number.

If he looked into it and noone was missing a bandaid and your wife ate it, there is not much he could do and your assistant was passing on second hand information and asked for the corporate number. Sorry but she relayed your thoughts and got the number that you wanted. So glad you have the kind of job you can have an assistant to send on your personal errands to do with nothing related to business at all. and you are complaining about the price of popcorn which is at the corporate level not the theatre level.

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