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Chick fil a employes are rude.

Went to Chick Fil A the other day, when I checked my order I was one sandwitch short. I informed the girl who waited on us and she gave me another sandwitch, but the guy behind her passing out the food started making comments about me asking for the rest of my order like as if I wanted more than I paid for. As I thought about the situation I tried to call the store several times after I returned home to speak with the manager but the line was always busy everytime I tried to call. I suppose they do this to prevent complaints. Their food is good but the customer service is terrible. Next time I'll hold up the line until a manager can be found to address the issue. I don't appreciate punks accusing me of asking for more than I paid for - I just want what I ordered.
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Great write jenn992. I think b-rai and kay13 must work ther and are probably managers there. I hadn't

Been back and don't plan too. Too many other places want our money and give much better service.

I don't need free food but do expect to receive what I pay for - I'm

Not like the gov't, I don't

Like to give free handouts.



I complained about food many many years ago at CFA (8 years ago)---i go there every single day complaints for years...but if they mess up my order--the psycho managers are on top of me as if im trying to scam them...they are a bad ripoff company...beware of them...they are a horrible company. Recently I go there to get a drink and they messed it up THREE times...i had to drive compensation for it...and then the mgr treated me like a thief who was trying to get free go there every single day adn this is how those lunatics treat good customers...CFA is a big scam...they promise good CS but they dont deliver...I dont appreciate being treated like a thief or scam artist when they mess up my order 3 times and for them messing up my order and not compensating me they treat me as if Im in the wrong and trying to scam THEM....really bad company


CFA does not do anything to appease customers...they do sometimes...but if you have a complaint they treat u like a thief...they are a terribl company...the managers are usually 20 something year old idiots or HS dropouts or something...very arrogant bad people...CFA is a terrible palce to go beware of it


Oh Sam sweetheart, I get my own free food from them. I don't need to take other peoples food. Maybe other customers should stop stuffing their face and lying about it to get free food (not referring to you Shslay, just to other customers that actually do this).


If you "TheatreJunkie" work there maybe you are the one cheating hard working honest people from the food they pay for so you can yake it home. - stop trying to take peoples food!


You know, when people complain about Chicfila I really get angry. Chicafila, for the most part, goes out of their way to appease customers, and I know because I work there.

We do it to the point where sometimes WE lose money. It is nothing at all for a customer to say they are missing an item, when in reality they ate it or left it at home and just want free food, but you know what? We give them that item. People want a full refund for the $30.00 they spend because their fries were cold?

We give it to them. Chilcfila bends over backwards for their customers, yet the customers don't appreciate it.

Pull half the stuff that you do with Chilcfila at McDonalds or Burger King, and you will get laughed out of the store. We go above and beyond with our customers, and they treat us like *** and don't appreciate anything.


Really hold up the line kinda childish isn't? People do have a time limit for their lunch and dinner breaks from work!


People try to get free food all the time because they are cheapskates. Maybe you're being treated exactly like everyone else. Quit whining.

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USAA doesn't help Deployers,

USAA customers service is terrible. I called and asked for a reduced rate on my auto insurance for my deployment period - They would not reduce my rate. If I had been removed from the insurace the rates would increase while I'm deployed and will have NO access to my car. Then on top of that news they made unauthorized changes to my policy which raises my rates anyway. ?? USAA folks are money hogs and will do anything to raise rates - the "we are for service members" is a scam. Can't wait to leave USAA for a company with better service.
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Dear Shslay,

I am a former bank manager and a soldier in the Army. I have been through three deployments with USAA and never experienced a problem. Your comments are deeply ambigious and seem defensive. I suspect that there is another reason b/c your comments do not add up.

Maybe you should try being honest with yourself first.


I have had USAA forever, never ever had a problem. They have always aided me on all four deployments, and have some of the best online banking I have ever seen.

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Usaa Auto Insurance