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Mega Sports - Best example of what not to do to customers as a business

I have lived in the area for most of my life and since the age of 18 have frequented mega sports. I promise you will find better customer service just about anywhere else. They are nicer and less discriminative at the dmv, any dmv. My most recent venture to this establishment involved calling them to see if they take trade ins, after being informed that the specific make and model of two of my firearms would warrant trade value by an associate over the phone which ending in “ bring them in so we can take a look at what you’ve got in total and you’ll receive X amount of credit”. I did just that, I took the morning of my day off, packed up all the original gear and packaging I still had with my firearms and drove to mega sports where the manager even after sharing my previous phone conversation ended my short lived trip with “ we probably wouldn’t be interested”. Ok,I thought, incredibly unprofessional, he didn’t even want me to bring them in, he didn’t even want to consider what I would be trading in for. But whatever, not gonna ruin my day. Later I sold both for twice as much as they offered for trade( blessing in disguise right ) so now that I have the money for my old firearms I go back and try to negotiate a better price for the pistol I am looking to get. Same *** hole manager won’t match the price( I was asking for about $525 out the door which was the exact quote I was given by a shop 40 minutes north of me. ) he wouldn’t go any lower than $540. Whatever , right?, gonna cost as much in gas to go to the other place so I said fine let’s do it. Hand the kid working there my license and foid card, now to be fair I recently moved and my current address on my license is my new address the foid still has my immediately previous address. ( it was updated with the state and I am currently just waiting for a new one to show up in the mail) the kid says store policy prevents sales to any foid card holder with a different address on a drivers license. I stated that as there are no federal state or local laws or statutes preventing the sale of a firearm based off this clerical discrepancy. He goes back to the same manager and comes back says to me “ sorry it seems they are going to stick to their we don’t want your business strategy”. As I am leaving, for the first time in 20 years of dealing with mega sports, that same manager, who basically told me to go F myself three times in one day, actually smiled at me as I stared him down walking out cash in hand, he £#cking smiled. I am pretty damn sure I am his favorite customer because I’ve seen that man in that store at least 90% of the time I have entered that store and I can not remember him smiling at a single soul in the last 20 years. But he smiled at me. While this establishment is well stocked I promise it will be less hassle and a far more pleasant experience simply going ANYWHERE else for your firearms needs. In conclusion I left there and went and purchased my firearm from a very very nice dealer in Naperville up off Ogden ave. I also had significant help from a dealer out in yorkville, those two dealers are a bit of travel but I promise well worth it ( I did not place business names in this negative review on purpose. I don’t wish anyone to be associated or even compared to a s#!thole like mega sports.
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