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CSI Central States Indemnity Sucks

I've had "extra cash" insurance with CSI Central States Indemnity for 3 years. It's an insurance that pays out if you lose your job. I paid religiously, never late for 3 years straight. I was recently denied my Extra Cash claim because they state that I left my job voluntarily. This is odd since the state itself has approved my unemployment claim, meaning it's been through the scrutiny of an independent agency. However, the provided proof meant nothing to CSI. Despite evidence that the state has approved my unemployment insurance, CSI stood by their claim that I was not covered. It's the unprofessionalism that made me really mad. (1) I was not able to speak to a manager to ask him/her directly why my claim was denied. I had to write a letter and send it blindly to a PO Box. (2) CSI never called me to explain, they kept sending me letters through the mail (to my old address). (3) When I called to cancel my insurance they agreed. However, I received a letter in the mail claiming that I needed to return that letter to a fax number in order to get my policy canceled. The fax number had a "disconnected" message from the phone company. The other option was to send in the letter with then enclosed envelope...there was no envelope. It was the constant unprofessionalism, the consistent disregard, and the multiple mistakes on CSI Central States Indemnity's part that upset me the most. Shame on you, CSI Central States Indemnity.
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Probably, If you would have read your policy, when you received it that it covers you in the event that you are laid off or fired or some way like that, will you receive the benefit. Does not really matter what the state unemployment thinks, because they ok everybody for unemployment no matter what, even if its for being let go for drugs or other *** things.

I know that for sure, no matter what.

Wha, wha, wha....go cry in your beer foam. :cry


Update one month later.

They've finally stopped charging my credit card for their scam-insurance. However, I did not receive an apology or response to this issue. I guess I never will.


csi what the heck,i just checked my cheking account balance and i find they billed my card for 31.00 and ive never even heard of this company,let alone ask them for insurance,im on social security what the did they do this.time to call in the law. :(

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I purchased a template from and installed it as directed by the instructions. However, when the installation was complete the template was completely off. The javascript slideshow would not rotate the photos, it simply listed them in an awkward list. It showed the images incorrect sizes and none of the margins on the CSS file lined up. The display template on their website was 100% different than the one purchased. When I requested that they look at it, they told me to consult my web designer. When I gave them step-by-step directions of how I installed it they shrugged me off and told me again to go to my web designer. This template has improper coding, and I can prove it. This is the clean install, no additional coding. It's ridiculous. I had to change the Style Sheet: Line 51: #nav1 ul margin:0; padding:155px 0 0 0; Line 52: #nav1 ul.sf-menu li position:relative; float:left; line-height:90px; padding:100 1px 0 0; text-align:left; Line 77: #columns margin:0 auto; padding:25px 0 0 0; width:970px; Line 215: #slider width:970px; padding:0; margin:0px auto 9px; background:url(images/slider_bg.png) bottom center no-repeat; height:300px The blog didn't even post blogs! It only posted excerpts! To fix this, I had changed to Single Post file: Line 34: Line 35: The images on the template were not sized properly, I had to change the Slide_Block file to show a single image with proper size: Line 5:
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:( :(

Dont purchase anything from them!!

Templates are fake!!! no money refunds and no support!!


They may be associated with templateaccess and

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