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Meijer, Inc

Apparently Meijer, Inc. corporate has decided to omit all manned express lanes in their stores. They wish to force shoppers to use the self-serve lanes or stand in long lines behind shoppers with a cart full of items. This is their idea of "customer service" for their valued guests!! After all these years of being a loyal customer, they turned on us. Time to shop at WalMart or Kroger. Both of their competitors are much closer to us than Meijer, but we have gotten to know most of the Meijer employees over the years and much preferred them to the WalMart people. Now that it is clear Meijer has the same attitude toward "guests" as WalMart, we might as well just go to WalMart.
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If the express lane says 10 items.....they bring 15......and expect people to wait till they get though.......Meijer is being smart. Anyone can self check out with 5 items quicker than getting in an 'express' line.


Complain to corporate. Not this website. You won't get anywhere otherwise.


Self-scans are more efficient and without them, lines would clearly be too long. The 12 items or less serve more than 1000 customers per terminal on a daily basis and there is still an attendant to help everyone.

You can check out much faster with these, and if it wasn't for self-scans, prices would be higher, so NO discount is deserved. If anything, people who don't self-scan should be charged extra.


People who don't self scan shouldn't be charged extra. That's ridiculous.

And majority of people who try to use the self scan really shouldn't because they don't know what they're doing. And many "couponers" use them to try weasel their fraud coupons through the system.

And many people can steal on them. Meijer should have only 6 12 item or less self scans and the rest lanes with baggers as well as cashiers.


Personally, I think that if I use the self checkout I should get a discount because I'm doing the work of the cashier and saving them money.


Omg. Your comment screams entitlement.

You don't deserve anything for "doing the work" of a cashier. You don't know half of what they do let alone what they put up with.

And you chose to go there. So no, you don't deserve anything for that.


cashier: I know how you fell and we should go back to all full service cashiers and baggers. be a lot simpler and better. 8)


Kroger actually uses low items lanes They also bag your groceries. They also keep more than one lane open. I really don't see Meier having a future for various reasons


sometimes they dont have enough employees for the day to run the express lane..... there are more guests with big orders than small and we need more full lanes open


Unfortunately meijer won't give their employees enough hours or enough people to have sufficient lanes open.

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TurboTax beware

Update by user Oct 06, 2011

In the sentence \"and there telephone service is\" contains a typo. It should be \"their\" and not \"there\".

Sorry for the confusion.

The main idea of TurboTax charging people before providing the product and the complete lack of customer service remains as stated. Anyone who does their own taxes should stay away from TurboTax.

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2011
I have been a customer of TurboTax for some years now and it works fine. However, this year after I ordered the 2011 edition which they say will be shipped in Novermber, I noticed they have ALREADY charged my visa for the deluxe edition. In years past they have always charged the visa AFTER it was shipped, which is the normal practice of most mail order companies. TurboTax did not state this and there is NO WAY to contact them---no email capability for a question, and there telephone service is non-operational till tax season. Thus, these shysters just charge for something they have not shipped yet and then provide no way of contacting them. This will be the last time I use these people. I suggest, if you want a tax prep program, that people use TaxAct or one of the others. TurboTax has now taken the low road in both customer service and billing procedures. The other tax programs are just as good(I have friends who use them)while providing much better customer service. I would hate to have a real problem with TurboTax---you would no be able to contact them. What a joke they have become. Stay away---a word to the wise.
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They did the same to me. Buy it one year, and they kept billing me year after year for their online service, even when I didn't use it.

And they apparently think its my fault for not cancelling--no refund for me.

Beware these guys. They think we are all cash cows.


I checked my turbotax account online and it shows the 59.95 order but nothing at all about any auto renewal. I know I never knowingly did that anyway.

I always just receive a letter from turbotax saying it is time to order the new one, sometime in august or sept. or thereabouts. I go online and order it. This year, they seem to have charged my credit card before they even sent the thing in november!!

I am planning on getting a new computer sometime soon and will thus lose the ability of turbotax to transfer all my info from prior year, etc. This is a good time to try TaxAct or one of the others.

They all seem to be cheaper than turbotax and from what I have seen, at least of taxact, just as easy. Why pay turbotax even before they ship the product when you can get a similar product cheaper?

@John N Mzy

Hey, quit complaining.


I thought the same thing had happened to me a few years back. In fact, I HAD signed up for auto renewal because of the price guarantee. Also, I've never had any problem w/ their customer service. In fact, I've found them to be very helpful.

Truly, I had said the same thing, "I wouldn't have signed up for auto renewal." Then I remembered that I had, as I said, for the price guarantee/discount. And it does charge early, sometime in the fall, which is OK as long as you remember that that's what happens. I was taken by surprise that first year, too.

Still love Turbo Tax! I started using it when I found out that the comptroller for Culver City uses it! Figured if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for me!


Similar experience here - except that they charged my account BEFORE I'd even ordered the product!

They claim I signed up for automatic renewal of the product, which in NO WAY would I ever have done!

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Paypal lack of customer service

I have never seen the need for Paypal when you have a credit card. However, I needed to renew a magazine sub and the only way to do so was via Paypal which would then be charged to my visa card. I did so, but the charge never showed up nor did the magazine renewal. I emailed Paypal and got an automated response asking if I really really wanted help and if so, to reply to the email. What they wanted, of course, was for me to trowel thru their automated Q&As. I replied and today got an email from someone obviously either in a foreign country or someone here whose english is limited. This person apparently did not read my email very closely and basically told me to call them for any further questions. Oh, and don't worry, your account is just fine, etc. At this point, I will forego the magazine sub and forget about the whole thing. I would hate to have been out any money because of a really *** service like Paypal.
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Quit complaining and go get a job.

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Paypal Account
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Survey Spot - SurveySpot

This company runs surveys in which you qualify and then take a survey and after you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for cash, e vouchers, etc. However, a word of warning: actually getting your earning from them may be problematical---I tried to get an certificate for my 2500 points, which is worth a $25 amazon cert. However, the response I got was there was an error saying they could not process it and to log out and try again in three days. After three days, same thing. An email to their customer support said to wait another three days as they apparently had no idea what the problem could be---so much for customer support!! Bottom line, you might want to save yourself some time and not take any surveys thru these people. Why waste your time for nothing! I'll post back on the results I finally get.
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Microsoft Online Store - Microsoft Bing

As a quick follow-up to my original post about Bing hijacking the search function: the instructions to change it are at the following link: Hope this helps and saves people from tearing out their hair over microsoft's nonsense. I also recommend switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. What a change and relief. Try it, you will love it after you get used to it---faster, more reliable, great support and add-ons, etc. All in all, after what Microsoft just did to me with hijacking my search bar, I cannot trust them again. Why does a company act like a bunch of jerks, anyway???
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bing hijacked my home page and screwed everything up and i can' access my email

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Microsoft Bing

Today, for the second time since I started using Firefox 6 months ago, I found my search engine changed from Yahoo to Microsoft's Bing. I once again had to search around the web in order to find out how to change it back. This time I printed the directions. It seems Microsoft will hijack your search engine and change it to their "Bing" without giving you an opportunity to say no. They just do it. Then you wast alot of time trying to figure out what happened to your usual search engine, etc. It apparently happened because I was into my hotmail account and was looking at my user profile. I ended up not changing anything on my profile, but apparently because I was in this area of hotmail, Microsoft took it upon themselves to just go ahead and screw with me. Thus, if you have a hotmail account, be careful!!
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I've used Firefox for years and now use Firefox 4.

I changed my search engine, using the simple one click drop down box in Firefox, to Yahoo, it's never changed so it's not Firefox. I use Incredimail and my domain for e-mail.

I note however in IE7 (when I was forced to use it once) no matter what I did about the default search engine I could open IE7 repeatedly and it reverted to Bing every time.


Sounds like you should be complaining about Firefox rather than Microsoft. I use IE, have a hotmail account, and use Yahoo as my default search ...

it's never changed. Microsoft could care less what your search engine you choose to use.

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