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Radiology Medical Group - Illegal & Unauthorized Contrast Injection Causing Anaphylactic Reaction and Disability!!

Radiology Medical Group technician John Rider illegally injected me with an unauthorized contrast injection during an MRI. With my eyes covered, earplugs still in, while I was lying on the MRI table, strapped down and half asleep from the previous six MRI scans Rider injected me. I immediately went into anaphylactic shock. I had severe swelling of my throat, sweating, hives, difficulty breathing and I believed I was going to die. This reaction has left me permanently disabled and unable to earn a living. The drug interaction is exactly the situation I was trying to avoid when I made it clear I did not want an injection. RMG technician John Rider chose to ignore my referral for an MRI WITHOUT CONTRAST during a Bait & Switch scam. RMG violated my right to INFORMED CONSENT. Radiologist & RMG shareholder Dr. Michael Spellman, lied by claiming he authorized the contrast injection. He did not authorize the injection. Spellman was not present as required by law for immediate medical intervention during an MRI injection. He arrived about 25 minutes after I had the anaphylactic reaction. After failed attempts to stop the severe reaction and swelling, I was taken to the Emergency Hospital for treatment. I did not authorize the contrast injection. The physician is required by law to obtain informed consent. RMG altered my medical records and conspired to cover-up the details of the illegal injection. RMG manager Becky Shoemaker told witnesses, technician John Rider injected me and was not supposed to but stated, "Don't you go repeating that," while waiving her finger back and forth. These are dangerous criminals without ethics. You can read more at w w w . l i a r l i a r l i a r . c o m and w w w . r a d i o l o g y o f s a n t a c r u z . c o m
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