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Nv Real Estate Academy - Trying to cancel

Dear Consumer,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say it’s sad to see that you’re changing your mind about moving forward with your real estate education.

First I’d like to state is that Nick has always tried to do right by the students and helps them anyway that he can.

You mentioned that as of 2/20 that you have not received a call, and I’m not sure of your post’s timing but please see our timeline as it relates to this matter.

2/19 @ 0923 PST: You called in requesting to cancel your education

2/19 @ 1130 PST: You should have received a call from your strategist to follow up about your cancellation

2/20 @ 1100 CST: you called your strategist back but didn’t leave a voicemail

2/20 @ 1615 CST: strategist called you back and left a voicemail

2/21 @ 0940 PST: you called the office and it was explained to you that you must return the call of the strategist to initiate the refund process and you confirmed that you understood and would make that call.

2/21 @ 1229 CST: Strategist sent you a text asking if you were available to speak and start the refund process and there was never a reply in return

2/22 @ 1049 CST: Strategist called and there was no answer and was unable to leave a voicemail this time

2/22: Check was returned as insufficient funds (NSF). Check was processed on 2/18 as a virtual check as there were notes on your signed contract that stated not to process the check. For the NSF fee, we will gladly send you a check for that fee as the check was already batched before the time of your call.

There were five more attempts to get a hold of you to try and fix this issue as a response to your posting here but we were never able to leave a message to discuss and work with you on resolving this matter.

It wasn’t until March 1, that we received a call back from you to get to understanding. During our conversation I explained to you how the refund process works and that we just wanted you to call us back. However, after your check bounced, we still wanted to do right by you and fix this issue by answering any questions you may have that would have changed your mind despite the lack of funds. During our conversation I asked if you could remove this post as it is not true to what happened as there was no real request for a refund as there was never any money to refund that was withdrawn from your account. You agreed to do so, during our conversation.
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Signed up 2/17/2019, but have had a change of heart, have been trying to cancel since 2/19/2019. No call as of yet(2/20/2019).