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USAA wants me to act

5 years ago I had a real problem with USAA. As part of an accident, they were to provide a rental car to me. When I pointed out that i did not use plastic and wanted a rental with no deposit required they said no problem if i rented from thier preferred agent enterprise I go to them for the car and was told by them to ante up $50 for gas. When i called usaa they told me it wasnt a deposit and refused to accept that if it looked like a duck and quacked like a duck its a duck since money up front is a deposit they would not make good to get the car that my plan covered. After getting ballistic they send me a check drawn on a bank with a branch in my local town. Carless, i walk 2 miles in 15 degree temps to cash the cheak and get the rental car. Their bank informed me that they could not cash the check as their account holder set up the acct to mandate that their check be deposited into an account and was not able to be cashed at the bank. Nowhere was this stated upon the check and when i called USAA and asked them to do somnething they , in essence said, tough ***. Five years later, with a new policy and another discussion this history was brought up. I am still very pissed with them and stated so. Today i get an official notice that they were not going to renew my policy for 'speaking to them in an unprofessional manner..." , when i called them today their underwriter in essence said tough ***. Personally, if you want me to speak professional you should first act professional and since they had not in the past they dont warrant "the king's english" from this peon. I feel they owe me damages for failure to provide the rental car then providing me with a check that was non cashable plus damages for pain and suffering a 4 mile hike in sub freezing temps cost me due to my bad legs
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