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Aafes Exchange - Aafes- Pam Taylor and mini manager

I just had to get this off my chest, hopefully someone has had the same ex. as i have and can agree with me. AAFES is one huge JOKE! they hire unprofessional staff not to mention Managment! HA! a fat sloppy lazy assistant manager PAM ugh! one of the most petty, Coniving, Vindictive individuals! she shows favortism to anyone who is not indian hispanic of of african decent! and the Head manager is non existant and non verbal! they look down upon people and refuse to help anyone, worst managers EVER!!! ps pam leaves menstral stains in seats, nasty! she is racist and homophobic. telling vendors to fire *** employees or risk losing there business! AAFES also wants more and more money! charging the vendors over priced amounts to rent! 30+ percent of earnings!they overprice items soldiers need like deoderant and tooth paste leaving them no other option but to buy. THEY DO NOT GIVE MONEY BACK TO MORAL WELFARE! the cashiers inside are almost always rude! and the machines are always down! check and western union....just an all over bad company! bad managment old building, old systems, bad employees, bad pricing! will not purchase online or in store from these monsters!
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Liz is now their problem child. She's harassing the concessionaires and their employees, refuses to fulfill any contractual obligations, and verbally abuses one of them that is well known to be AUTISTIC!!

They refuse to even reprimand the woman for it!!!! If you have even an ounce of decency you will NEVER spend your money at ANY AAFES run location on JBLM, or for that matter any other post on EARTH.


this is for vivian what you said is

intresting, i too was defrauded on a the

wbl test, a taking scheam where management

took 54 test for me with out my knowledge or consent.

would you please call me at 210-445-**** asap! we might be able to do something about this.

p.s my e-mail is vivafig@***.net


Just in case, I worked in Fort Huachuca, You can google the managers. Hardlines is always firing employees and there is no training for them(" We have no time for training" is their excuse).

They yell at you in front of customers, and make up excuses to accuse you for whatever reason not even legal.

As an Army spouse, I felt disrespected and AAFES will never see me again as an employee or as a customer. Walmart does a lot better with human resources.


I worked for AAFES, I was harassed and disrespected since the first day I started working there. There is retaliation and the managers have no clue about what management means. What a bad experience


Hey guess what, if you're paying 30% of NET SALES (not earnings), then you're still doing better than most people who would pay for a kiosk or booth at any off-base mall. Some malls charge $1000/week or more, regardless of how much you sell, and then you would still have to pay for your own verifone, phone lines, linens, utilities, etc. You apparently aren't experienced in business at all, or you'd know what a deal it is.

And if Pam has anything to do with vendors, then she isn't an assistant manager of anything; she would be either the Services Business Manager (SBM) or the assistant to the SBM.

How about learning something about the business you contract with before you whine about what your CONTRACT states?


AAFES is the biggest joke ever. The managers that go out of their way to help customers get targeted and abused.

I needed help with a crib I purchased that was defective. Noone would help.

Finally I found a manager willing to swap it out and as she wa helping me her senior manager pulled her to the side and told her that wasn't her area to mind her own business. so much for serving those who serve.


Get over yourself lady. Your are attacking an individual you dislike and using the name AAFES to associate her.

Companies can only hire people willing to work. Maybe you should apply since you think all the employees are substandard.

MWR receives 2/3 of the money made annually by AAFES so idiots like you can attend free concerts and picnics. Shop some hwere else.


If you dont know what AAFES stands for than google it, or if you dont know than you probably don't care anyways. Super Target or WalMart...hahahahahaha. Now that is a bad description. I would say an old KMART falling apart or think of those old drug stores that were really depressing. The new ones are rare and they still have the customer service issues and they still rip off the miltary.

Sorry to complain to civilians...I wonder who makes the "real" changes in the military. Who made the repeal in December 2010? A person that never served. And apperently there is no military people visiting the site.

Again, every post cannot describe what AAFES is. Google it and go to their website if you dont know and really care and you can get the idea.


How about letting civilians know what AAFES stands for before making a complaint about them. Army and Air Force Exchange Services provide services to Army and Air Force personnel such as the PX (Post Exchange), Kind of like a Super Target or WalMart. Why do military personnel always make complaints about the military assuming civilians know all about it.

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