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Colonial Heating and Cooling - Getting screwed once again by heating & cooling companies.

My wife and I moved into our first house in 2009. We ended up having to replace the boiler for our radiant heat since it was too old. We looked into a couple of companies and finally choosed one. Only to find out that we were lied to in order for them to sell the product. They said that the space issue would mean that we should probobly get a tankless hot water system to mount onto the wall. well we could have used the new boiler for our hot water and our heat we found out. not only that, the company had to come out 18 times because they couldnt install it right and couldnt get it to work right. so now here we are again its over 1 year so the company that installed it isnt responsible anymore and we are having problems again. now our heater in the back 2 rooms quit so we replaced it by exstending the radient heat into the back 2 rooms. we now are having problems once again. the company that installed the exstention come out because we heard air in the lines. well they came out and said everything was fine. then here we are a month later one of the pumps blew because of air in the lines. we told them the first time that we needed an automatic air outlet put in for the exstension because that was why we were blowing pumps before. but they wouldnt listened and said everythings fine. now we have to pay another $377 for a new pump when they could of just put in an air outlet the first time and save the trouble of having to come back out again. You can't trust heating and cooling companies, or any companies. everyone is just out for your money. I am so pissed of I am ready to bring up a law suit against the first company that origionally installed it. also to refuse to pay the $377 for this second company that came out and said everything was fine when it really wasnt. between the medical bills because of our *** health insurance and these heating and cooling companies, we just might lose the house anyways. is there any help put there???
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i just found out today that colonial h&c put a pump in the wrong way which is why it blew the pump.

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