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The Garage/Run Well Auto Shady & Dishonest!

Update by user Feb 13, 2012

We were given a full refund for this vehicle.

Original review posted by user Feb 12, 2011
My wife and I purchased a used 2005 Ford Escape for a safer vehicle to drive in winter for our newborn son. Allen Brown from The Garage/Runwell Auto Sales assured us that his mechanic completely went through the vehicle and it had no problems at all and specifically said it had brand new rotors and brakes. Upon driving the vehicle home, my wife and I noticed a loud rattling coming from the front end and significant shake and vibration when driving on the highway. We took the vehicle to our mechanic and he said that the stabilizer links were shot and all four rotors were bad. As far as the shaking, he said it may need balancing of the tires. The truck also was sold to us with no rear head restraints which we noticed later. Allen agreed to take the truck back and change the rotors and stabilizer links and balance the front tires. (all problems that he had to have been aware of, but tried to sell us the vehicle without putting any money into it). We waited for a week to get the truck back and the rotors and links were changed. The violent shaking of the vehicle was NOT fixed. My mechanic said the tires were still out of balance and rebalanced them. Balancing the tires did not fix the shaking, so my mechanic said his next guess was that the truck had a bad axle causing the shaking. We are not going to put our newborn son in a vehicle that is dangerous to drive, so we called Allen Brown and asked him to fix the problem or refund our money and he refused. Directly disobeying the Lemon Law. He also would not replace the rear head restraints making the vehicle dangerous for any adult passengers. We now need to file a lawsuit rather than the dealer obeying the law and just doing what is right. BEWARE of this business. They are very shady and will try to pass on vehicles to the customer without fixing any issues the vehicle has. They are all about making as much money off you as possible and are very dishonest!
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9 weeks later and after bringing the truck back and forth numerous times, the owner, John Vacca is refusing to refund our money. He says that an employee of his, Allan Brown, sold us the car under his business name and has the money and refuses to refund it.

Shady, huh? He has refused to extend our warranty with each repair attempt as is required by law and now will not respond to any correspondence and has even ignored the Better Business Bureau. He thinks this is going away, but it is not. We are taking him to court.

The paperwork has already been filed.

This has been the worst, most frustrating purchase my wife and I have ever made in our lives. Don't be taken by these schysters!


Big update to come! Many more problems with Runwell Auto Sales!

Seven weeks and still getting the runaround! Direct refusal to honor the Used Vehicle Warranty Law!


Correction: Dropped off truck on 2/16.


My feelings were correct. Dropped off truck on Tuesday, February 15th.

Picked up truck on Saturday, February 19th. Dealt with owner, John Vacca this time. Said all it was was tire balancing. Keep in mind, this is the 3rd time tires were balanced.

They already balanced the tires. How could this be? Driving home I again notice pulsating coming from under the vehicle and ABS light goes on and truck alerts me from dashboard display that the Brake system & the 4 x 4 system needs repair. Pulled over, called John 3 times and left message telling him what the problem was and that I wanted to turn around and drop truck back off.

No return phone calls. Called Runwell Auto Sales direct line and Allan answered and again gave me an attitude like I did something wrong. Again said nothing was wrong with the truck. I told him that I wanted to turn around and drop truck off and he said I could not.

I said "why not, you're there and it's business hours". He said I couldn't and if I tried to, I would be braking the law by abandoning a vehicle on his lot. This was the 3rd time Runwell has refused to except the vehicle for repair. 22 days have now past and the truck still has brake and possible 4 x 4 problems.

They still have not replaced the missing rear head restraints and are trying to push black ones from a junkyard on me, when the interior is beige.

Also asked John before I left to give me a new 30 day warranty and update the mileage from the time it was out for repair and he refused. My wife and I have never in our lives experienced anything like this shadiness!


Allan called us back and said he would fix the problem, but refused to pick the truck up. So, OK, we have to load up our son and drive 40 miles to drop off the truck, but then he called me and said he saw my review and refused to fix the truck.

Then he caleed me back and said to drop it off and he would fix it. Back and forth, back and forth. It has become a nightmare dealing with this business and made my wife physically ill.

All this nonsense to save a few bucks. And I have a strong feeling that it's not over yet.


My lawyer and I are quite familiar with the qualifications. Your response sounds very personal.

My concern is with the safety of my wife and son. Apparently not something which would concern someone like you.

Thanks for lucid, intelligent, well thought out response. :grin :grin :grin


Read the lemon law qualifications you money hungry lowlife lawsuit fileing loser!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek

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