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Stay away from manteca trailer and camper!!

The following was my letter to Manteca Trailer & Camper after several attempts to solve some of the many, many issues: "This is my last attempt at finding a amicable solution to 3 years worth of trying to team with Manteca Trailer in order to work through problems associated with my 2007 Ragen Stryker. I initially purchased the trailer in February 2007 and was extremely impressed with the sales staff and the services provided. However, continuous problems with my trailer, coupled with less than satisfactory repairs, have left me no recourse than this final attempt to solve this issue. My current state of mind is that Manteca Trailer was more than happy and friendly when I was spending $70,000 to purchase the trailer, yet they are less forthcoming on the back end of this arrangement. I am not satisfied and the following is my reasons why. Over the last three years there have been a multitude of repair issues with my trailer. The issues have caused my trailer to be "serviced" and unavailable more time than which I have actually possessed it. The most problematic issue has been an issue with the holding tanks and gauges not reading properly. My trailer has been returned six (6) times within the last 2 years, yet this particular problem persisted. The last time my trailer was in for service was November 2009 where I brought it in for the same reason. I did not receive word from the Manteca Trailer Service Center until January 2010, when I called and was told the repairs would cost me $225 per tank in order to have them flushed. I advised the service technician (Jason), this was the 6th (sixth) time my trailer had been in for the same re-occurring problem. I asked Jason to please speak with the service manager about the problem as I believed this issue was not being handled in a timely and correct fashion. Ultimately, the tanks were flushed and it was determined that the problem was contained in the sending units. Due to this last delay in service, I had to cancel two vacation trips which had been prescheduled. On 4/2/2010, (4 months), I arrived at Manteca Trailer to pick my trailer up for an upcoming trip. My expectation was that all problems had been corrected. Upon my arrival at Manteca Trailer, I learned the trailer was functioning; however, they were unable to locate a panel for the gauges from a trailer that was 3 years old and it has taken over 4 months to diagnose this problem. This has been a problem that has persisted for the last three years and sent to the manufacture twice. I felt this answer was unacceptable and is the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" not to mention that the trailer was in worse condition then I left it (Dead batteries on multiple occasions, grease stains on the carpet, misc. parts on the floor) I believe the service I have received from Manteca Trailer is unacceptable and shows a lack of commitment on Manteca Trailers part to provide quality customer service and to stand by the products they sell. In addition to the above listed complaint, I have had my trailer in for repairs and warranty work several other times. Attached is a summary list of all the service visits for my trailer (attach. 1). I believe these repair requests, and time out of service would qualify as "substantially impairing the use, value, or safety of the vehicle" and could qualify under the California Lemon Law. As stated earlier, my purpose in writing this letter is a final attempt at a rational and simple solution in solving the issues with my trailer. I believe there are only two options available. One, you make one final attempt to repair all the problems with this trailer and provide me with a written guarantee that you will purchase back the trailer if the problems are not repaired, or Two, you purchase back the trailer in accordance with California Lemon Law criteria. I am not opposed to other options, I just see none. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau along with Norman Taylor and Associates Law Firm in order to assist with this issue. Please contact me ASAP with your opinions and / or solutions." With all of the above being said, they tried to tell me that I never asked for a replacement trailer while mine was being worked on. They tried to tell me that I could have picked up the trailer at any time, it was my fault for many of the damages, I was trying to relieve myself from the financial debt, and I was storing it there when it was not being worked on. They never called me for it to be picked up. So from now on, I tell many of my family and friends to STAY AWAY FROM MANTECA TRAILER AND CAMPER! Trust me, They are not worth it and they are after your money.
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My Jayco's warranty has been essentially useless because Manteca trailer's service is so terrible. They are the closest dealer, so that's where Jayco sends you for repairs.

Multiple trips, lots of wasted fuel, and they actually made the problems worse. I just gave up and fixed everything myself, at my own expense.


I too have had many RV's and never had one this bad. Warranty covers electrical work and the work should have been done properly in the first place.

I got a second opinion and a third opinion and it is there fault. Even talking to the manufacture, when they were still in business, said that it was their fault.


I have owned many RVs and most of them had a one year warranty. But even with in that year the sewage system maintenance if the users duty not a warranty issue.

I suggest that you take it elsewhere and get a second opinion. I think you are going to find that these repairs after day one are your responsibility

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