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ASPEN Dental - Stay Away if you value your families dental health

I went to the ASPEN Dental in Waterford, CT, and I must agree with someone else's findings with that staff, dentist and overall ASPEN experience. Don't believe the commercials, Jiffy Lube sums it up better. I too had the displeasure of finding out the hard way that once you get past the incompetent, ill trained, front desk staff (never the same person due to high turnover), who can't make an appointment properly, let alone bill you correctly, because the office manager doesn't know her job. Then you need to endure a dentist, Dr. F, who is in love with himself and brags about how good he is and how great his life is, well if that's so, why does any 'good" dentist give up a lucrative practice to add credence to this fast food chain? It's because he couldn't do it on his own and needed to hide behind corporate America, with all of Aspens' malpractice lawyers. I had some crown work and fillings done by him and later a root canal by another staff doctor, and now a year later I am having serious dental problems with his work and feel I'm in constant pain. Something about his technique never felt right with me, nor his illogical explanations either. Not to mention the hygienist J, who cleans your teeth with all the gentleness of a cheese grater! Expect to be over billed and if you do not catch it and go back and ask for a credit, it is your loss. The best part is if you complain or just bring any of this to their attention they will just kick you out and tell you not to come back. Because they are backed by a terrible regional manager, who should be selling used cars, and he really thinks he is smarter than anyone who dares enter his doors. I have never wasted time to go online and complain about anything before, except this nagging pain in my mouth will not let me forget what they have done to me. To anyone thinking of going to Aspen DON'T! Do yourself and your family a favor and seek out competent, dental professionals in your neighborhood. You will sleep better and your family will be healthier for it. Let's face it, if Aspen was any good, at all, why are there thousands of complaints by angry, hurt, pissed off patients, they can't all be wrong and these are people from all walks of life and all over the country, so why after reading this would one subject themselves to these type injuries, unless they were masochistic. If you know anything about business you know that if you want to increase corporate profits you need to cut corners and maximize your fees, so hiring sub standard, low pay workers is one way to accomplish that goal. Talented individuals wouldn't want Aspen on their resumes. I sincerely hope this helps you, Good Luck.
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Sounds like a load of ***.


Our goal is for every patient to have a positive experience, so I’m very sorry to hear that your visit fell short. Would you consider reaching out our Patient Satisfaction team at 1-86*-***-**** or patientservices@***.com to discuss your concerns?

I also wanted to take the opportunity to explain that many dentists choose to pursue a career with a dental service organization is because it allows the dentist to focus on caring for patients rather than some of the administrative burdens associated with traditional private practice. The dentist and office team are supported by a team of experts who provide comprehensive, integrated business services, which means they can focus on providing clinical care.Again, thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope you’ll consider reaching out to Patient Satisfaction.

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