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Lakewood Lube And Repair - A $40 oil change for $2,000???

DON'T TAKE YOUR CAR HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY A NEW ENGINE!!!! My boyfriend took his Toyota 4runner to this shop last week for a SIMPLE oil change. His car ran perfectly fine prior to taking it to this place (about 200-300 miles per day because he DRIVES for a living). First of all, $40.00 for an oil change is RIDICULOUS and second of all they didn't even do it properly!!! Not even 5 minutes down the road his car broke down and was smoking. He finally got it to my house and there was not a DROP of oil in it and the oil filter was screwed on crooked. They looked at it and REFUSED to fix or pay for any of the damages caused by their stupidity. They quoted him nearly $2,000.00 in repairs which is OUTRAGEOUS. He found a guy that could do it for half the price. The staff was rude, the service was terrible and I want to make sure EVERYONE I know NEVER takes their car to this JUNK SHOP.
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I am the owner of Lakewood Lube and Repair. This review is completely false except for the fact that her boyfriend came in for an oil change.

First, $40.00 is not excessive for an oil change unless you compare it to some discount coupon service. We currently offer a discount coupon on our website for a $19.95 oil change, but this was not in effect at the time of this vehicle's service. Second, there was absolutely nothing wrong with our service in any way. This client called from his residence complaining about his vehicle and stating that there was no oil in his car.

I immediately drove to the client's residence with an assistant and the first thing we looked at was his oil filter and drain plug. Both were in place and secure! Next, I checked his oil and it was completely full. I was confronted by the client, and a Gentlemen that he introduced as his attorney.

I showed them both that there was nothing wrong with the oil change and that the oil level was full. The "Attorney" offered no argument.

I then offered to tow the vehicle back to my shop for free, but they declined and elected to drive it to my shop for further investigation. This was after they had driven the vehicle around the block a few times. So they started off to my shop and I was following in my tow truck.

They made it to about four blocks from the shop and the vehicle again broke down. I picked the vehicle up onto the tow truck and carried it to my shop. The engine was showing evidence of overheating.

Upon getting the vehicle into the shop bay, it became evident that the vehicle was overheating and having difficulty driving because there was a mixture of coolant and transmission fluid in the transmission. Examination revealed further that the transmission oil cooler lines that are routed through the radiator for cooling had broken is some fashions and pushed pressurized coolant into the transmission.

The coolant then caused the transmission to begin to freeze up. We advised the client of the cost for repair and he through a fit.

There is no way that I know of for any service technician to damage the internal workings of a radiator during an oil change. Any mechanic would verify this.

The client got a lesser quote from someone else and drove the vehicle to another "mechanic" although we advised him not to drive the vehicle due to the possibility of further transmission damage. He ignored our advise, took the car away and we never heard from him or his "Attorney" again.

We are an A+ rated member of the BBB and also an AC Delco Professional Service Center. I am ASE Certified in five categories including Advanced Engine Performance.

There is no way that we damaged this "gentlemen's" vehicle. We don't do business that way. We did not charge a penny for towing the vehicle to my shop, nor for the diagnostic time to investigate the problem. I invite anyone to go to our website at and check out our reviews.

We have many loyal customers who appreciate the way that we do business. John Paul Jones, Owner, Lakewood Lube and Repair.


First off none of that is true. Your BOYFRIENDS car is a piece of junk.

I hate when people post *** stuff about shops and they have no idea what they are talking about. Keep your comments to yourself when it come to lakewood lube and repair.

I have been going there for years and love everyone there. Its a shop that cares about their customers


I'm the owner of Lakewood Lube and Repair and I can say with honesty that this report is totally untrue. Anyone who wishes may call me about this at 303-989-****.

State why you are calling or you may be turned away as a telemarketer. Anyone an say anything on these sites, but "LIL LADY" is no lady and her complaint is totally untrue.

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