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Beverly Hills Aesthetics is a Rip Off

I came to Dr. Assassa on Aug 9th, 2010 after receiving a coupon from his office in the mail for a discount on services at his location. In my initial consultation with Dr. Assassa I told him I was interested in Smart Lipo to get rid of the cellulite on my thighs and buttocks. He looked me over and told me that I did not need Smart Lipo and that I should get a treatment called Celluraze. He told me that Celluraze is a new technology here in the USA and that it is the best thing to get rid of cellulite on the market and it has been used for years in Europe. He said that they were the only office that offers this revolutionary new procedure. He told me that after 6 treatments my cellulite would be gone and I would have smooth skin. Dr. Assassa spent all of maybe 10 minutes talking with me and the quickly passed me on to Diana Jarrar, who I later learned was just an office assistant with no medial background. My fiancé, was with me at the consultation and he and I went into a room with Diana Jarrar to discuss the details of the procedure and pricing in more detail. Diana went explained the details on how the procedure works even saying that it compliantly got rid of her cellulite. She said that we had similar body types and that if I did Celluraze, my cellulite would be gone. Diana told me that she couldn't guarantee anything but that I would definitely see a 90% or better improvement to my cellulite after the 6 treatments. Convinced by Diana and Dr. Assassa that this was the right choice I paid $1,500 for 6 Celluraze treatments. After 3 treatments, I still had not seen results. Concerned, I asked the nurse that did the procedure if this was normal. She told me not to worry and that I would not see the full results until 3 months after my last treatment. My last treatment was on September 13, 2010, 3 months after being January 13th and still I had not even a 1% improvement to my cellulite. I set an appointment to speak with the doctor on January 24th, 2010 to express my concerns. When I came into the office that day I saw that the procedure that I paid $1,500 for was now being offered at less than half the price of only $750. I told Dr. Assassa that the procedure did not work and that it was also very painful. I told him that I felt that I had been lied to and asked him if he would refund me my money for the procedures. Dr. Assassa said in a very arrogant tone, I do not guarantee anything, it looks like you have had improvement and maybe your expectations are too high. He then went on to call his secretary into the room. He told me that she remembered me from a few years back and that I had gone to her tanning salon and complained there as well. He said that this showed him that I have a pattern of complaining. I told him that it was absolutely absurd that he would bring my business dealings at a tanning salon year's prior with his secretary into the conversation about the Celluraze treatments not working. I again asked for a full refund for the Celluraze and he again declined stating that I could take him to court but that I would never win. He then told me that he was going to refund me for the additional 2 treatments of laser hair removal that I paid for on the same day that I purchased the Celluraze because my expectations are too high and he did not want me complaining about that too. Before leaving the office, I asked for copies of my medical records only to be told that I had to pay a $30 fee to them to get copies. I did not have the $30 on me and have yet to receive copies of my medical records. I am now in the process of taking Dr Assassa to small claims court. And I have filed a formal complaint with the Medical Board of California.
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You should post your experience on Google Reviews as all the reviews (except for 1) seem fake. Also post on as there are no reviews there.

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