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Purolator refuses to honor insurance.

Somewhere in the purolator system there is a box which belongs to me. They openly admit, they don't know where. They openly admit it bore insurance, they even admit complete fault in the mishandling. However, despite this shocking admission of guilt they refuse to honor the $250 insurance claim on the box, despite having all the original paperwork on the box, proving the insurance. The reason they have given me is that based upon the contents they do not believe that my insurance claim is valid. They have been so kind as to offer me $2/ lb. So on the $250 the package was insured for, I would get $10. This package contained spent product which we recycle. The value we would have obtained from that box post recycling would have been in excess of $2000, however to simply replace the raw materials will cost us just shy of $300. This package was misplaced and mishandled. I was referred to the unmarked department (who was very helpful). I was told by customer service that the package was first refused (a claim which they had no record of) , the secondly had no address, and finally that it had no way bill. Odd since it was shipped on a preprinted waybill and purolator did manage to invoice me for this phantom shipment. The kicker is that ultimately despite admitting to loosing it, they are billing me for it's delivery, and denying my insurance claim. When all is said and done, I will be out over $350, because purolator lost a fully insured parcel. I vow to never, ever use them again. Ever.
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