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Office Depot

I have been recycling my Canon Printer ink cartridges at Office Depot. They claim to credit $2. each to my so called WorkLife Rewards account, but when I make a subsequent purchase there is no credit. They tell me that the credit on the 11 ink cartridges that I returned to the store have expired because: 1. It is beyond the 3 month period. 2. I must recycle 2 cartridges a month. 3. I must recycle 5 cartridges every 3 months. That is a lot of ink to buy at $70. a refill. Things are pretty bad when a multinational corporation like Office Depot has to find ways of cheating the consumer out of a few dollars and they can do so with impunity. It's not bad enough that they gouge on their prices, in my opinion, but this is like stealing because they resell the cartridges that they misappropriate from their customers. These guys are getting away with exploitation because no-one is looking out for the consumer. Thanx. SA
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I agree with OD. All you have to do is read how the program works. It is not their fault that you don't understand it.


tYou do not understand office report's worklife rewards system. You get rewards quarterly, that means the cartridges you recycle during jan-march will get you 2 dollars each, up to 60 dollars on a merchandise card type thing that gets mailed to you, emailed if you set it up correctly as well.

Credit does not show up on your rewards card the next time you purchase something, you must have the merch you received. Similarly, you must have 10 of credit to receive this card. It is not office report's fault you are upset.

Simply read the *** receipt they give you when you recycle your cartridges. It explains it in black and white.

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Office Depot Rewards Program
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Federal Communications Commission - Ignored by the

We (my wife and I) have emailed the FCC about a problem we are having receiving calls indoors on our LG cell phone, provided by T-Mobile. We had contacted T-Mobile several times about the deficiency only to be told that the signal in our area was too weak and it would be corrected. Maybe they mean well but we still cannot receive calls indoors. The T-Mobile store in our area said there is no device to boost the signal in our house. To date our contact to the FCC has been ignored. Initially; they acknowledged the email we sent but it has been about three weeks with no response. We think that a government agency empowered to help the people should at least have some sympathy with these problems that citizens have. How callous can they get?
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warren, Unfortunately, in truth your problem isn't with the FCC because their job isn't to supply you with a wireless signal thats T-Mobile's job, :? it is FCC's job to regulate and monitor said signal so that it does not interfere with other communications (wired & wireless) thats all.

,) It is the same as in cable/satelitte TV broadcasting. The FCC is not responsible for ABC cable signal not being properly fashioned for your area, you may just have to subscribe to XYZ cable to receive better reception. :cry T-Mobile is responsible for their own signal strength and must apply to FCC for any variance to said signal, biet a power boost, a wireless repeater, an antenna and/or tower in your area. Similarly ABC cable is not responsible for not being local to your area that is their choice.


Perhaps you should have directed this problem to T-Mobile who was clearly yanking your chain when they said it wasn't their problem. :)


I guess we get the kind of government that we deserve.


You actually expected a response from the FCC? Classic.


the fcc has no jurisdiction over quality of signal, they can only regulate the power levels and frequencies or modes. its like contacting the health department cause your lettuce head was too small.

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Home Depot - Intermatic timer

Has anyone ever tried to program one of these timers? The instructions are incomprehensible. The device is probably very useful but without proper documentation, it's useless. Who writes these instructions? What are their qualifications to put into words the information necessary to explain the procedure to program and use this simple product? Does Home Depot (in this case) have any idea of the negligence they are perpetrating, or does someone have to get electrocuted before this misfeasance is corrected? I'm a licensed technician and I can't program this device without spending an inordinate amount of time...what chance does a homeowner have to use this product properly? And where are the authorities; FTC, consumer affairs government? Who's watching the store? Where law ends, tyranny begins.
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Palm Beach County Library - Public library abuse

I have been begging my local public library, for well over a year, to order The World Coin News. I'd get it myslf (and the devil with the library) but if I get any more subscriptions my wife will throw me out.The Palm Beach County library director agrees that this newspaper is a worthy addition to the branch inventory, but all I get is stonewalls and excuses. "These things take time, you have to be patient."I have been patient for 18 months and I'm running-out. What should I do?Sleepless in South Florida.Your influence counts, use it.
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Subscriptions cos money. Perhaps you can gift the cost of a subscription tot he library on the condition they get the subscription, or get it yourself.

Libraries are at the mercy of public funding, and in recession ravaged Florida, I can assure you your library and your request for a subscription is very low on the priority list.

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