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CARMAX Tried to rip me off!!!

On 3/20/2012 I took my car in to CarMax for a minor repair. The lady who checked me in noticed my spare key fob was broken (Just the plastic piece you attach your key ring to) She suggested that CarMax could fix it for about $110 (Cost of new fob and to have it...
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Yes, but that simply covers the cost of the key fob. You're right, you can reprogram the key fob if that is the only issue.

However, if you need a replacement key with the key cut and reprogrammed as well, the $110 price really isn't that bad. Dealers charge $150 and an automotive locksmith will charge about $120 to $130.

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McDonalds lack of training

Recently I purchased a cupon book for 5 Big Macs and 5 Large fryes. EVERY time I have tried to redeam the cupons I get charged a different amount. The back of the cupon clearly states that I am responsible for the tax amount only but the cashiers charge me a different amount every time. When I question this I have been told everything from "this cupon is not for free food but food at a reduced cost"? to "different stores charge differently" for those cupons. I even bought exactly the same order (Big Mac, Lg Fry and a Ice Tea off the dollar menu) at the same location two days in a row. Was charged $1.96 one day and $1.49 the next day. WTF? And yes, all you haters, I have worked retail jobs (including Mcdonalds) so I know how it is. And no haters, I am not fat. And yes, all you haters I do have a life but I expect to get what I pay for!!!!
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That's such a petty amount of money to complain about...I vote "get a life" and stop eating McDonalds because it's disgusting.


Maybe learn to spell at a 3rd grade level and people will take you seriously.

Here is what you are seeing happen: the cashier rung you up for a large one day, and a small the next. Consider yourself lucky, you saved .47 cents because the cashier was an ***. You're welcome.

(happened to me before, also confused me, but I didn't complain)


Its hard to feel sorry for you when you have the grammar and spelling of a first grader.

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Airport Terminal Services - Animal abuse by ATS

Recently in the news a baggage handler was fired for refusing to load a abused animal on a flight and was fired for doing so. This matter went viral. Read the following for more info:****. The following is a letter from the company, ATS and my response: December 12, 2011 From the desk of Sally Leible President, Airport Terminal Services Dear concerned community member: On behalf of Airport Terminal Services, we sincerely regret the event that took place at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport last month involving our employees and the reporting of sus­pect animal abuse. We appreciate and understand the concern many citizens have expressed over this incident. Be assured our company has learned from this experience and know that we have redoubled our commitment to training all employees to be cognizant of and to report ani­mal abuse in any form. As I have said over the last few days, this has been a teachable moment for our company and for the community at large. No doubt this experience will serve as a valuable reminder for all of us to remain vigilant as it relates to the mistreatment of animals. Moreover, we are pleased that Ms. Lynn Jones has accepted our offer to return to her position as a baggage handler at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. I personally applaud the courage she demonstrated by report­ing the condition of the animal she encountered. We consider her a dedicated ATS employee, and indeed value the role she plays on our team. As you may know, ATS will be making a three-year financial contribution to the Nevada Hu­mane Society in an effort to heighten awareness regarding animal abuse. We also look forward to maintaining other long-term relationships with similar organizations dedicated to the protec­tion of animals. In conclusion, we share your concern regarding the condition and well being of the dog. We will take every responsible step to prevent a situation like this from occurring again. This is my response: Mrs Leible, you should be ashamed with the way Mrs. Jones was treated in this matter. If this had not gone to the press Mrs. Jones would still be fired and the animal would have died. You know it and I know it. Don't think for a moment this "form letter" is meant to be the least part sincere in any way. I will NEVER use any of your services in the future and I hope a boycott is initiated by animal rights groups against your company. This letters attempt as some sort of apology is disgusting Mrs. Leible. The supervisor in question should be made to view hundreds of pictures of abused animals and write a 1000 word essay on animal abuse as part of his "retraining". I am going to post your pitiful letter and this letter as response to as many discussion groups as I can to get the word out about the horrible way this entire matter unfolded!!! David Lynn "Concerned Community Member"
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So I guess the "covered with sores" as stated in many articles on-line was a lie? I called my vet and asked if any animal should be put on a plane if they exibit symptoms of exhaustion and was told a definate NO. Also, I called Delta airlines and asked if they use ATS and was told they DO NOT so I guess I do have a choice after all.



You should check the facts before you go on a rant. While I'm not condoning the Actions of ATS, you should at least get the facts straight.

First, the dog had not been abused.

It was checked by two separate vets who confirmed that, while the dog was exhausted and had suffered cuts to it's paws from a three day hunt, it recovered quickly after some food, water and rest and was never in danger of dying. Second, you won't have any choice regarding whether or not you use the services of ATS as they are hired by the airline and the vast majority of passengers have no idea what companies service the airlines they fly.

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Yardsellr, vague advertising..did not receive what ordered

Several weeks ago I ordered a Star Wars Blockade Runner from the web-site First of all, I had to contact the seller a week after I placed the order to remind him to ship it. He claimed the site is not set up as it should be and that's the reason he didn't "even know it had been sold". Second of all, the item I received was not what I was looking for. I wanted a plastic model kit (one that must be assembled), not a pre-assembled toy. I have contacted the seller and Yardsellr to say that although I did not feel the site or the seller was being dishonest, that the ad was sufficiently vague as to cause me to make a costly error in ordering the item. Although Yardsellr agreed that the ad was vague, the response was not satisfactory. Yardsellr basically said (twice), the misunderstanding was my fault as the seller, at the end of his ad stated that if I had any questions, please feel free to ask. The ad, as he placed it, is as follows "This sale is for a Star Wars Blockade Runner, my favorite of all the ships in the Star Wars Universe. Really hate selling this one. It is unopened and a great piece for anyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask". From the ad and the postage size picture of the item I was certain that the item was a plastic model kit and therefore did not ask the seller other questions as Yardsellr is stating I should have. Basically I am not doing this to be difficult or to receive some kind of refund. I am doing this to get some kind of statement from Yardsellr that in the future, sellers are required to be more clear of what they are selling, specifically if an item is a "collectable" and therefore not to be considered as anything else. I do not feel that just stating in the ad that if you have any questions, please ask, is some kind of "legal band-aid" that should absolve the seller or company of any wrongdoing. Everyone who saw the ad told me that they could assume that the ad was for a model kit, not some toy or "collectable" as they call it. I think the site assumes that potential buyers "know" that they are selling "collectables" and not anything else. I believe they should make their ads more clear as to what exactly they are selling. "Caveat Emptor"… Buyer beware at Yardsellr!!!
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iv never had a problem with yardsellr. but the thing is u ALWAYS have to communicate with them.

u cant jus buy something right then and there. be carefull jus like everything else u do! ask questions bout the item. i always do and iv never had a problem with it.

there not gonna go outa business any time soon and neither are other big companies like ebay.

but iv loved yardsellr since day 1!

others can have other opinions. it sux what happened to u but u shouldv asked questions or commented on the item.



I have never had any bad experiences on the site as a buyer or seller. In 8 months I've sold almost $17,000...and I am not complaining. This site is awesome and the best alternative to the FEEBAY giant. As far as some of the negative posts like banned from yardsellr, it is a disgruntled ex-seller and from the title banned from yardsellr, the one and only KIM GIBERSON has found a new site to bash Yardsellr on. The review board was taken off of FACEBOOK, thank her daily rants were put to an end. I figured she would be bashing the site once again. The site does not ban people unless there is a good reason, which there was in her case.

This site is the best and if you don't like it then you have the right to sell elsewhere or continue to be ripped off by FEEBAY! Ebay...LOL! Ok, so what is to complain about? NO FEES FOR photons, free cash to spend. I'm not complaining. The people that are banned are just still upset they can't sell on this great site, because they were bad and did wrong. Naughty doesn't work, niceness does. Have a Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays to all:)


Yardsellr is one of the worst businesses I've had the displeasure of dealing with! They simply won't get off my nuts and leave me alone!

They are extremely unethical, corrupt and *** I hope they go out of business soon! :cry


I discovered Yardsellr a month ago and couldn't be happier, by far the best online selling and buying alternative.

Why you would buy something with a vague discription and a tiny picture is beyond me. Can't really blame the site for that.


These people are very rude and unprofessional for sure. Good luck in getting paid from them,they pay whenever they want to.

And they ban people whenever they want to,especially if you do not kiss their ***. The place is being run by a bunch of kids just out of high school and are total airheads.The founder is the most unprofessional business man you could ever know.If you ask him a question or express a concern,he rudely suggests you sell elsewhere. He trains his staff to say the same statements.

Buyer/Seller beware!! These people are total idiots!


Yet this yardsellr company can ban anyone anytime they want and try to hold money. Ran buy people with no experience.

5years at ebay? LOL oh wait that may be why they have that attitude that they can do what they want?


Are you people even READING my post!! I NEVER said you or the seller were "misrepresenting" the item.

I Said the ad was too vague. From the ad, The Star Wars Blockage Runner could be for a set of knives!!! Omitting important information is just as dishonest.

Stop sending these canned legal responses to my e-mails. As your own blog states, you are going the way of E-Bay!!


Sorry that you were disappointed in your purchase. We work hard to ensure our members have a great experience on Yardsellr. For this reason we offered the opportunity for you to return your item for a refund.

We stand by our decision in that we would not consider this a case of misrepresentation. We require sellers to be honest in their descriptions. The seller described this as a "a Star Wars Blockade Runner" and that is factual.

We've held tens of thousands of successful transactions resulting in tons of happy buyers and sellers. We are truly sorry you have been disappointed and hope that you'll have better experiences in the future, wherever you may buy.



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