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Smokeless Selects, extremely poor customer service

By this companies own admission my package did not arrive during the trial period according to their shipping department. Instead of taking care of the customer they dismissed any responsibility by telling me to hold the Post Office liable. While I do agree that the post office most certainly did not do their part, Smokeless Selects didn't even offer to extend the trial period, and refund any part of the $130.00 fees they charged to my bank. Their trial verbage is NOT clearly stated in an obvious place, and it was my bad for not as the customer service "manager" said, "scouring the page correctly for this information". She came just short of calling me an irresponsible ***, but certainly elluded to it in all other sense. She was rude, short, argumentative and didn't even bother to listen When I asked for her manager she first told me she was it. I then asked, "so you own the company?" to which she replied that she didn't, but, "they won't talk to you. And even if they did, they wouldn't have listened this long". And that's from the owner? Unbelievable! I am spreading the word as fast as I can!
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I had the exact same experience as these other people, the treated me the same, like it was my fault I was charged 99.99 !!!!


Obnoxious !!


on 1/30 - placed order for trial package

on 1/31 - was charged $4.95

on 2/13 - was charged $99.99 to my account without receiving anything

on 2/14 - was credited $99.99 after two phone messages, which were not returned

on 2/27 - received email that order was shipped

on 2/29 - received trial package

on 3/5 - charged $99.99 to my account again

When I called bank, they said I had to wait 15 days since they had returned the first $99. I called them twice and sent an email with no response. They did not credit back the $99 and On 3/25, they have charged another $49.99 to my account & have not sent any product. Now I've had to cancel my bank account. Stay away from these thieves!!!


I ordered free sample and was only to pay $4.95 s&h charge. I received them in reasonable time, but was charge a $99.99 fee 2 weeks later from my credit card.

I never discussed this charge with anyone and I sure did not give anyone permission to charge it to my card. I called the Better Business Bureau and was told they already had several complaints against this company. It looks like they could be charge with theft.

Has anyone checked on this. They still have the same ad running on the internet I ordered from.


Well, at least I know I am not alone in experience has been the same as everyone else and am now on the way to the bank to have my debit card canceled and reissued and to dispute the charges for the auto ship nonsense. This company is a huge scam......stay away!


:-( :-( :-( This company is full of it!. I placed my order on 2-10-12, received email confirmation on 2-11-12 indicating it would take 5-7 business days to ship the product.

By 2-27-12 I called them and left a voicemail, that no one returned. On 3-1-12 I received an email indicating that the product had been shipped. However, by 3-10-12 I had recieved nothing, but my account was charged $99.00.

AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! I'm calling my bank to see if the transaction can be reversed and close the account and open a new one :-( :-( :-(


I was referred to S.S. by Seattle's local "King 5 News" web site.

They had a story about the electric cigarettes with a link for a "free trial" All I had to pay was $4.95 shipping and handling but they are taking $100.00 out of my debit account for it. Sounds like it is familiar to alot of you.

Does anyone know if I can make my C.Card company to hold that money for now? It seems like they could, but they wont.???


My experience matches with most, ordered a "free trial" and it arrived 4 weeks after I ordered it. Then I find that what they sent is cheap stuff, and not worth the $100 they want for it.

Fortunately, I lost the card I used to order the trial, so I cancelled it and they cannot charge any more than the $5 they already charged me for the "free trail". Tried to call customer service to tell them I am returning the package, and no response.

This is definitely a scam... stay away!


Very poor customer service. I myself is having a problem getting a phone call and/or email back from this company.

I purchased and is very pleased with the product, HOWEVER; I recentley purchased a 5 pack cartomizer on my debit card. The funs were taken from my bank in the amount of 24.98. which is accurate,, BUT, I then realized they had charged my credit card from which they had on file from when I origianlly purchesed the product in the amount of 49.98... I've been trying for 2 weeks now I left several messages with 3 contact numbers to reach me and also e-mailed them.

Never recieved a call or email back. I had to close my credit card account and have a new one reissued and now im working with my bank to block these ppl from withdrawing $$ out of my account. I filed a complaint with the better buisness bureau also. My advice to all of the consumers who are researching this product, ITS A SCAM.

Your better off purchasing an electronic cigerette from your local gas station. My next complaint will go national on nation wide consumer report news.


I am fuming, I have been trying for a week and no one answers or returns calls. They have now removed $99.99 from my account and i dont know what to do.


Same thing happened to me...delivered a month after I ordered it....took out 99.99 and no one answers phone messages or emails. We need to contact the Better Business Bureau and shut this place down.

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