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CC Dickson: Poor Customer Service

I wanted to buy a 1/3 hp motor and they said I was not "qualified". I told them I was a Licensed Professional Engineer. They said it didn't matter. Poor customer service! Beware doing business with this company. They discriminate! I wonder if they just didn't like the color of my skin or my age (65). If you have the cash which I did, you should be able to buy something as long as it isn't illegal. This is probably a violation of the commerce clause of our constitution. Maybe I'll ask a lawyer if this is legal.
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They're getting as bad as Johnstone Supply up here. I'm sorry this happened to you.

They treated me the same way in Greenville, and I'm white and in my 30s and look like a typical HVAC goon.

I was trying to buy a 1/2 HP motor. Ended up getting it from Amazon instead, probably for cheaper too.


Just buy off the internet and screw CC Dixon.


They need boycott


If you're not certified by EPA and not a contractor, boycott all you want, you don't belong in there to begin with.


Absolutely right Skip.


You have to be a "Contractor and/or EPA Certified" Company policy, working in the HVAC field myself, their rules protect us from homeowners and other people undercutting the business. I applaud C.C. Dickson for sticking to their guns.

@Common Sense

CC Dickson sells to unlicensed people all the time and at they same price they sell to us a licensed contractor. They actually quoted an oil furnace to one of our customers who walked into the store, cheaper than the price they gave me. We have homeowners in our area that will by the parts at CC Dickson then call us to install it.

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Priority Club Dining Program

I signed up for this club with my credit card. I then went to one of their approved restaurants on a day when points can be earned. To make a long story short, I never received the points. They say technical glitches sometimes happen and points don't always get automatically credited even though there is a record of my eating at the restaurant using the credit card that was registered. To get the points they want me to jump thru hoops making copies of stuff and mailing them. This organization is a sham! I told them to cancel my membership.
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