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Rural King - Poor customer service

Today I went in to purchase items as usual, and purchased antifreeze that was labeled $8.99, as I completed checkout I reviewed my receipt and discovered I was charged $9.99, I asked for the refund of $1.00 because I was overcharged. It was stated from the customer service guy that he had to know the price before he could give me the difference. I said okay and he just stood there like he was lost, I asked "Do I have to do your job for you?" and he said no but still just stood there. After waking up he asked where did I get the item. I got frustrated and said "just give me a refund of the antifreeze", and neither employee paid any attention to my request which would have allowed me to leave without the antifreeze but not so frustrated. (of course they offer to refund you on one of their gift cards so they can hold your money hostage) So I told the cashier to follow me...we found a stack that was white and he said "there is your problem, yours is gold. I told him I wouldn't have purchased it for $9.99 and I know I saw it for $8.99. He started to leave and I said, come back this isn't over, we finally found it and indeed it was labeled $8.99. There was probably 10 bottles stacked at that label.....I know that all stores make mistakes, it is how they handle them that is important. If they had a better attitude and a little more than minimum wage energy it wouldn't have been so aggravating.....They gave me a refund finally of my $1.07 and said have a good day.....I put my stuff in my car, thought about it, and went back into the store and asked to speak with a Manager, they got on the Store walkie talkie and announced for a manager to come up front, the manager responded, on the radio..."WHAT DOES HE WANT" I felt like I was in KMart or something. This young girl came up and I asked her are you a manager, she said she was something like an assistant manager and listened to me, but you could tell she just wanted this conversation over......So the conclusion is RURAL KING just doesn't care that they make a customer do their job and only give him back the money they made a mistake on, and an "I'm sorry". The employees are paid to be there, I am not. Why do I have to fix their problems and mistakes on my time ....They just should have given me the refund of the $9.99 (NOT A GIFT CARD FOR THEIR MISTAKE) and I would have been miffed but got over it. Now I will tell EVERYBODY I know how I was treated at the Morganton RURAL KING store. I used to like that store but now it gives me a sour stomach..... I know that all stores make mistakes, it is how they handle them that is important. (Sam Walton)
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