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USAA - worst claims department ever

I was involved in a car accident with a person who is insured by USAA. I did not get a ticket as the accident was not my fault, so I went about calling USAA to make a claim. First they told me it would be upon my insurance to cover the cost of a rental car. I got a new representative at that point who told me the first one was wrong. They told me to go to Enterprise for a rental car, but being 23 and TRYING to keep out of debt, I don't do any type of credit cards. This means I was unable to qualify for the rental car. So instead they agreed to send me a whole $30 a day to 'cover my transportation costs'. They told me the 'check was in the mail' on the 22nd and finally on the 30th, after not getting a check this whole time, I called them and they assured me it was actually sent out on the 27th! The whole time I've also been waiting for an adjuster to look at my car and decide what the damage is. The accident happened on a Tuesday before Christmas. They said "someone will be down within 48 hours" so the following Monday (6 days later! christmas was on saturday) I call to see if the adjuster guy got lost. My phone had been shut off in the mean time, I had to pay the tow truck the last of my money to get my car dropped at my house instead of a yard, so when my phone bill came due I couldn't pay it. I called (from my brothers job) on Monday to tell the people all of that, and to just stop by my house, seeing as I had no car and it was a shared car the whole family was using, we were all stuck at home and somebody would be there. I told them "just stop by". So they called my 'extra contact number' two hours later to let them know they couldn't get a hold of me and would try again the next day, because my phone was off. I called, and told them my phone was disconnected, and they contacted my grandma to say they couldn't get a hold of me. The next day the adjuster guy shows up, takes pictures of my car, and promises me an answer within 48 hours. 3 days later I finally get a hold of the person 'handling my case' and he tells me that there was an error when the adjuster was sending him the report and that I might get lucky on seeing any progress by the middle of next week. Thank you USAA I agree, you deserve the highest ranking customer service satisfaction! I'm just thankful the last person who hit me had a better insurance company, because this is just crazy getting the run around like this. Very unprofessional.
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I am a Loyal USAA customer since 2003. In 2009 my wife was in a car accident.

Her car was in the repair shop the same day with a rental car. In 2010 my basement backed up. The adjuster was out within 3 days. From first call to check was 10 days for a 10k check.

The 2 weeks later a 2500 check for mold came. Easily this is the best bank and insurance company I have dealt with. I have two house covered by them, two cars, life insurance, and my banking. Many of my military buddies have them two.

The have high rating for a reason.

Im sure all companies have horror stories, but this company is as good as it gets when it comes to insurance.


Listen, I can't speak too much for people who have had to deal with USAA, but for those of of you reading these comments and starting to get worried, try to keep a few things in mind while going into the claims process; total loss is usually determined by a repaircost/value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. If the repairs are ~80% of the value ( and not kelly blue book, theyll likely use a much more detailed a throughput system designed specifically to be more accurate) of the vehicle it will likely be totaled.

Some states will allow you to keep your car but this is out of the ins company's hands... which brings me to the next tip, Insurance is big business that the gov't fully regulates. Trust that they will not purposefully do anything shady as it would cost them much more money to be audited by the gov't then it is to just give you what you want. Which brings me to the final point...

we all have expectations from our claim, but the reality is its going to take time. Its not going to be easy and you're going to get frustrated. Try to remember at all times; the voice handling your claim is likely a REAL LIVE human being. Be amicable, be polite and try to talk with a smile in your voice.

Being nice to the HUMANS who work a day job ( yep, just like you) handling angry people calling them all day can only help your case. Good luck everyone, I hope you find this helpful.


In May if this year my son was hit and killed by a USAA Driver, It is now Mid-October and they are still trying to jack around. I am by no means a litigous person...what is the point it will not bring my son back...BUT, USAA insures for a reason and this is one of them.

I have not asked for no more or less than what this young mans insurance is supposed to cover and yet they are still trying to find ways to not pay anything.

Meanwhile the young man who hit my son is riding around in a new vehicle with his underaged pregnant girlfriend and my son still has no headstone! I hate to do it but the next call I make will be to my own personal Lawyer!


USAA is the worst insurance company and they are unethical. If you want to close them down than file a complaint with the insurance commission and with your legislators.

Use the pen and paper on these folks 'cause they need to be closed down. ASAP And as for the claims adjuster who is on this blog... just do your job and stop attempting to justify it you jack_______!

Go get yourself an attorney and sue these people. Sue Sue Sue!!!!


This is the second time a soldier who has USAA has hit my vehicle within a five year time span. Each time the soldier claims he has been to war.

Well being a military brat and military wife (my husband is retired) yep I understand war is war but really can you people come back home and act like responsible citizens. This time the soldier drove his car with a tire with was not mounted correctly for three days and it came of and cause us to fly in the air and into a ditch. The claims adjuster told me to be thankful we did not get killed and after all they did pay for the car. Well you cannot pay for someone's neck, back, shoulder, and the PTSS they are experiencing because of a wreck caused by someone who is not responsible.

Again this is the second time I've had to deal with this company and they are only concerned about saving their company money. They don't give a ----- about you so go get yourself a lawyer!


A drunk driver Hit me On 4/19/2011 and she has insurance with USAA today it is 5/9/2011 and I havent gottoen anything mii car is a total loss ! I have 22' crome rims on mii car which i paid 2200 for and music that i paid 900 and can you believe that they dont want to pay me for it they said they will give me 500 for mii rims but nuthing for mii music !

lik is that even fair ? they havent contacted any of the ppl that was in the car with me ! USAA sucks ! and they should be shut down !

ASAP! they are only making inocent peoples lifes *** !


There hasn't been a Board of Insurance in Texa since 1992.


I am an adjuster and the complaints you have are not valid. The adjusters are complying w/ the terms of your contract and if you read them, you would understand why a deductible applies and why you are not given back what you paid for the vehicle but the actual value of the vehicle if it is a total loss. READ YOUR CONTRACT AND THAT WILL SOLVE YOUR PORBLEM


I am an adjuster and the complaints you have are not valid. The adjusters are complying w/ the terms of your contract and if you read them, you would understand why a deductible applies and why you are not given back what you paid for the vehicle but the actual value of the vehicle if it is a total loss. READ YOUR CONTRACT AND THAT WILL SOLVE YOUR PORBLEM


Usaa claims is horrible they settled a claim for $1982.00 with me and kept $500 of my car money afterwards they went into my account and took the $1482.00 could not tell me why and my rent check bounced and I ahd to pay $155.00 for nfs fees plus late payments.I asked why did you take the money back ,answer,someone screwed.TEXAS STATE BOARD OF INSURANCE IS THE ANSWER

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