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On November 26, 2018, A Court Judgement was filed by Judge Franz Miller regarding a reserved issue.. Which was in Response to Fred S. Pardes Who Filed A Request For Change Of Court Orders in October, 2016 .. In Order to Stop Paying Spousal Support. For he RETIRED from the Practice of Law, and his income since his Retirement were his Monthly Social Security Checks for $1,847.-. Which according to Fred Pardes caused him “to live a Spartan Life Style”. Hence, after TWO YEARS of Legal Game Playing; A Sport Fred Pardes was an Expert at being an Experienced Litigator.. Our Case was finally heard in Court By Judge Franz Miller on August 31, 2018.. The following was the ruling regarding Fred Pardes affording to pay Spousal Support .. **The Court finds that the Respondent Fred Pardes RETIRED from the Practice of Law in OCTOBER , 2016.. Thereby Terminating his need to Pay Spousal Support in the well awarding me ZERO in Spousal Support now.. I also got a ZERO award for Fred Pardes having to contribute to the Huge Amount of Legal Fees I incurred .. NUMB; SHOCKED; SPEECHLESS were my reactions to what was a Travesty of the Judicial System.. HENCE.. TWO MONTHS LATER; After much thought and Emptied Bank Accounts.. I decided to TAKE A STAND ..representing myself in a Motion I will file Against Fred Pardes in a few weeks.. Regarding showing the Court what a FRAUD he is!! Therefore moving forward with my Legal Plan.. Yesterday I met with an Administrator at Bank of America in order to update and get Subpoenas on Fred Pardes’s three Accounts he has there from March , 2018 to present which includes his: General Business Account Attorney Client Trust Account Personal Account ( where he receives large monthly checks directly deposited from investments). Coming home after my successful start of my Legal Plan.. I came home to do more research regarding to see if I could find any cases if Fred Pardes committed Fraud.. LO AND BEHOLD!! I came across a complaint submitted to your website Submitted on November 3, 2018 entitled: LAW OFFICES OF FRED PARDES IN DANA POINT, CALIFORNIA - FRED PARDES ESQ. DEFRAUDED ME OVER $35,000.-.. I read and re-read what this couple went through after deciding to retain Fred Pardes, Attorney At Law for their Real Estate Matter in February, 2018.. Loosing their hard earned money in the amount of $32,500.- to an Attorney they believed was “Nice”, as well as learning that Fred Pardes NEVER FILED THE LAW SUIT he was retained for is DISPiCABLE!! Therefore..Comprehending the enormity of this Couple’s Feeling of Betrayal.. Which has impacted them Financially as well as Emotionally.. IT IS TIME FOR ME TO STAND UP , AND STAND STRONG.. REACHING OUT TO ALL TO WRITE ABOUT THE WRONGS THAT HAVE BEEN DONE TO YOU BY LEGAL PROFESSIONALS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU .. USING THEIR SHINGLE PROCLAIMING THAT THEY ARE GOING TO ADVOCATE FOR YOU.. INSTEAD OF VACUUMING YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS DRY FOR PAYING THEM THEIR OUTRAGEOUS LEGAL FEES.. SIGNED.. STILL BREATHING.. A SURVIVOR OF A DIFFERENT KIND OF CANCER he “COULD NOT” afford to pay Spousal Support Ordered By Judge Cheryl Pham for $7,900.00 from October, , 2016 .. For he had RETIRED from the Practice of Law .. Which has dramatically changed his income.. Which starting from the moment he NO LONGER PRACTICED LAW was his Monthly Social Security Benefits of $1,847.00. Fred Pardes told Judge Franz Miller That this REDUCTION in his Salary caused him to “LIVE A SPARTAN LIFE STYLE”.
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Well OP you have certainly given your ex husband, who is a lawyer, enough to hang a nice fat defamation suit on you. I’m surprised that being married to a lawyer that you didn’t pick up atleast a few tie bits to protect yourself.

You have with this post alone basically put a advertisement in every newspaper in the world for effect and impact. That means a WORLD WIDE AUDIENCE! You think it’s bad now, wait until the punitive damages hit for what you WILLINGLY POSTED!! You really should have run your post past a lawyer or atleast ask a lawyer if your should post on social media/open sites.

But hey!! Your in it for the money!! You’re out to punish your ex!! We get it, woman scorned and such.

That’s all fine dandy. What you did here though goes beyond punishment to a life long scarlet letter that YOU WILLINGLY CHOSE TO POST!!

I just dont get you. To get so close to your goal and then you sabotage the entire thing by being a spiteful B!+


Please note that this comment is from my ex- wife. Take it from the Source.

I never have been in contact with, nor have ever been retained by this alleged couple. Any and all claims of fraud or other misconduct are untrue. Call me at any time.

949-443-**** which has been my business phone number since 2001. Fred Pardes

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