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New York Safety Council On Line Course Has Problems!

Flexite #541433
The Support Team at the American Safety Council, Inc. reset my course again for me to try to complete the last two sections of this driver safety course. Well guess what. I got locked out again on the second page after starting.
It asked me a question about how long I was working at my present job. Then it proceeded to the next page. I read one page and then pushed the arrow to proceed to the next page.
KEEPING YOUR COURSE SECURE came up on the screen with a Error: undefinded message above it. I was then locked out of the course for the second time. I wasted 3 hours taking the first two sections of this course. I only have a day or two left to complete the course and it seems to be a hopeless. I sent another email to The Support Team and told them I have requested a full refund from my credit card company. I will take the 6 hour course at a drivers school locally on a weekend.
End of story. Do not waste your time with these on line drivers safety courses. Just take the course in your neighborhood.
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