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West Texas Big Bullies Owner Rudy Virgil Took My Money

West Texas Big Bullies Owner Rudy Virgil Took My Money
West Texas Big Bullies Owner Rudy Virgil Took My Money
West Texas Big Bullies Owner Rudy Virgil Took My Money
I Got Ripped Off By Rudy Vigil @ West Texas Big Bullies ------------------------------------------------ /> This is the orginial post from The Dirty South Bully Boards POSTED BY RUDY VIGIL at WEST TEXAS BIG BULLIES 1500 take all three *** i want 1500 and a pup back off trina you will get trina my tri lolo and monkey all there peds are on my site im keeping a male off of my monkey breeding and a female off of it two so if you want to come up on three *** this is your chance first come first serv call me if you need any info this is a deal . NDP I responded to this one and talked to Rudy over the phone about Trina. He told me that he would sell Trina to me for $1,000.00 plus $300.00 for shipping, because he really liked my male dog Fat-Soo. I really thought that he was an honest guy. Everything sounded legit, I got his information to send the money, he said for me to send it thru money gram. I sent him $500.00 and my address and was told that I would be getting the registration papers in the mail. I week went by and every time we talked on the phone, I was told something different, that he had wrote the contract up for his pup back deal and that his wife just needed to type it on the computer and email it to me so I could sign it. NDP: Hey Rudy, Just checking see if you sent the UKC registration papers on Trina yet? Also, I am waiting on the contract for the pup back deal so I can sign it and get it emailed back to you. Zack & I are so excited about our new puppy. Have you gotten in touch with the ground shipper yet to see if he is available on July 16, 2010 to deliver her to us in Georgia? Let me know talk to you soon. Thanks, West Texas Big Bullies: From: Rudy Vigil Subject: Re: send pics To:wendy foster Date: Friday, July 2, 2010, 4:38 AM hello this is rudy from west texas big bullies i have evrey thing ready to go all im waiting for is you to let me no what your sending today so i can put it all down on papper and get this contract sent out to you today thanks for choosing us and we hope to do much more biz in the future give me a call 806-672-**** thanks NDP: Well that never happened. I email, Pm and called Rudy again and he said the papers were now being sent back to UKC to get the puppies DNA profile, That he and Fabian of FBK, had just sent them off. By this time I was feeling ripped off and asked for my Money Back! He has continued to give me the run around about returning, the $500.00 I sent. I finally got back in touch with him and Rudy told me that he would return my $500.00 once he REPOSTED "Trina" and sold her. NDP: From: wendy foster To: Rudy Vigil Sent: Tue, July 13, 2010 6:53:18 AM Subject: Registration paperwork on Trina Rudy, I would like for you to just send our money back $500.00 that we paid on Trina My husband said that he is not comfortable sending more money on Trina since we don't have her registration papers when we first talked you had her papers and was sending them out now you tell me that you sent them back to get the DNA profile on her this whole deal has went in a different direction from the first time we talked, and we have been screwed over before on a dog deal. Zack asked for me to have you call him he would like to talk to you today his number is 706-540-**** that is his number Thanks, Wendy From: Rudy Vigil Subject: Re: Registration paperwork on Trina To: "wendy foster" Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 4:22 AM hello so so sorry that i have not got back with yall iv been in oklahoma and i dont ever check my e mails i told my wife to send the contract but i quess she did not and im very sorry trina is waiting on yall i told yall that fabian did a dna test on the litter so the pups will be dna.d and we are waiting on the updated pappers with dna proof so we had to send the first puppy pappers back so we could get new ones cant send what i dont have feel free to call fabian from fbk if you whould like im not here to rip off any body and we are both on the dirty south all the time i sponser dog shows and awords im in this *** for real to tell you the truth i can spend 500 in a day at the mall so you dont have any thing to worry about you pay for her and you get her thats how i work i gave you a good deal on her and i took off money for a pup back i dont need any more pups but i did it to look out for yall cuz how bad you wanted her to breed and how happy you where im a straght up person and iv been doing this for a long time i could of sold her for more money but im a man of my word she is your dog and she is just waiting for you if you do want your money back trina will go back up for sale and your 500 will be given back at the time of her sell but i really want you to have her cuz she will go good with fats but it is up to you NDP: I also told Rudy that I would help him sell her and made and ad on Hoobly,, & for her with his contact info. The whole 2 months now, Rudy has told lie, after lie to me. This is not even the worst part, LISTEN TO THIS!! TRINA IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! YES you heard me TRINA has Been sold. And get this a Kennel right here in GEORGIA now has her. The new owner of TRINA is Troy of 7kennelbluepits, he has been in contact with me about Trina, he traded the English Bulldog puppy that Rudy says was given to him by a friend for his "Neto" dog, Just another lie he's told. BUT WAIT my story GET BETTER: this is what Rudy sent me when I confronted him about returning my $500.00 that is owed to me. Rudy West Texas Big Bullies: west texas big bullies you sent money for trina and i did not sell my other dogs i gave lolol away she was 8 years old and i traded monkey for a pup to kb from blue coat kennels i said when i sell trina you will get the deposit back my web site said no deposits will be givin back at all so you can wait for me to sell her or just lose your deposit when she gets sold you will get your money Rudy at West Texas big Bullies: RE:I traded for a dog that will sell faster i was not having any luck with her im just waiting on paper RE:The only reason i got another dog was to sell faster i need the papers and then its done MR. G0 GET You have received a new private message at The Official Dirty South Message Board from west texas big bullies, entitled "o k will do". To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here: /> This is the message that was sent i will try and sell her asap NDP: WARNING!!!!!! RUDY VIGIL @ WEST TEXAS BIG BULLIES IS A CROOK DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS PERSON. HE ALSO GOES BY TOTALKAOSKENNELS ON THE ELITE EDGE BOARD. Well EE Board the scam now thickens, Rudy did not send Troy@ 7kennelsbluepits the registration papers, he has now also sold the English Bulldog puppy that he trade for "TRINA" to lady another lady that is calling TROY Trying to get the papers for the English Bulldog pup. Rudy Vigil has screwed 3 different people in this dog deal and come to find out Troy says that Rudy still owes Fabian for Trina, that he has never had any papers on her. CROOKED CROOK RUDY VIGIL @WEST TEXAS BIG BULLIES A.K.A TOTALKAOSKENNELS ON THE ELITE EDGE BOARD. Rudy you need to send me my money back or you will see me in court!! You want answer your phone, why are you acting like a child. If you are going to have a business and live as a grown up act like one. I don't play games are make any threats; I keep my word about a deal. You need to live up to your end of this transaction and return my $500.00 today!!!! You can reach me at 706-340-**** anytime!!!!!! REMEMBER THESE KENNEL NAMES: 1. West Texas Big Bullies 2. Total Kaos Kennels 3. Stockyard Bullies 4. Ms. West Texas Big Bullies (Wife's sign on) They ALL Belong too Rudy Vigil!
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I know that this is from a few years back. But did anyone check out the these people before hand?

This mess might have been avoided with some checking? Good breeders come with references. And these people don't even know how to spell. Why would you even do business or even give money to people like this.


I sincerely hope that you got your money back. These people need to be put out of business if they are running a business like this.


Wow. I use to kno that guy.

He use to fight dogs in unused houses.

Now he has a kennel? No way.



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