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C-N-C's Standard Poodles-Parker, CO: Rude, Pompous, Prejudiced, an altoghether insulting experience

CNCs Standard Poodles #226908
wow Kurtis! before you make such profound statements you should check YOUR information. Goldens are prone to CANCER, thyroid problems, autoimmune issues can lead to allergies and hot spots, Sebateous Adenitis, to name a few. I'd consider these bad genetic problems. The fact is that Standard poodles have these same issues so if you breed a poodle and a golden that CARRY the same problems you will end up with affected offspring. If someone is breeding before two years of age (and I'd prefer to see the parents older than that) than you have no idea if you're breeding in these issues. Of course there is no testing for some of these diseases but at least if you wait to a decent age you can weight the odds a little more in your favor. I wont even go into your comment about registering a mixed breed with AKC. Perhaps you are thinking about the LLP which allows mixed breeds to compete... this is NOT the same thing as registration.
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