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I purchased 2 Gateway Laptops and opened an HSN account to do so. As a single income parent with 2 teenagers, this purchase wasn't taken lightly. I specifically bought these for my kids to do their homework. When it was discovered after 90 days that ALL of the Microsoft etc. that was supposed to be FULLY LOADED AND NOT A TRIAL, was INDEED a 90 DAY TRIAL; I complained. I was told that I would have had to complain within 30 DAYS! Well, when HSN makes ON AIR promises it doesn't keep, may I suggest that HSN MANS UP AND MAKES IT RIGHT! I don't have $1500.00 to throw away but, apparently HSN doesn't care that now I only have 2 expensive internet laptops. It will cost me HUNDREDS to purchase and install the programs that WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY LAPTOPS! HSN tells me, "We're sorry we can't help you now but, we hope you continue to shop with us in the future." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? my SUGGESTION TO HSN IS THAT YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS AS YOU YOURSELF WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED!!!! I am STILL so very hurt by this and I am STILL making my payments for these worthless laptops and ON TIME!!!! I will tell everyone I know and am filing complaints with every one I can. I have been robbed by HSN.
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I purchased one of these Laptops have had nothing but problems. HSN will do nothing to help,Gateway was also a waste of time.

STAY AWAY FROM HSN the products they sell are defective.


It's amazing that someone as smart as you profess to be, actually spends so much energy trolling through sites like this to attack people who have had a bad experience with the company you claim to work for. Have you nothing better to do?

When you know nothing about someone or a situation, you feel it's okay to go slam someone? Who didn't raise you with enough love to make you feel like you had to utilize your day trying to hurt strangers. It's a truly sad representation of who you are. I realize I am a small fish in a big pond.

Tell me something new Sherlock. I'm doing fine without HSN and I know HSN doesn't give a rats butt about me. I already said that in my complaint. No news flash there.

As a consumer, I have the right to complain when I feel I have been wronged. It's really none of your business. Maybe you should find some friends and make a life for yourself rather than wasting any more time being ugly to people who have no effect on your life. I'm sure your stocks will continue to rise.

How awesome for you! You can go back to beating your chest now.


You clearly don't know jack. Get smart.

We get *** like you daily. It's so much fun though getting to come on here and bad mouth you, as it doesn't put my job in jeopardy. Hooray!

Lol you think you can contact Mindy. You're dreaming sir/madam. Best you'll get is a VP of CS or Sales. Which at HSN is a very low ranking. Your whiny, useless blabber will go nowhere, and your voice will not be heard.

We appreciate it when *** like you no longer shop with HSN. The business is booming. A few disgruntled illiterates wont make any difference.

The price of my stocks will continue to rise.

Have a nice day.


And thanks "Paul" - this is another piece of "customer service" I can print out and send to HSN. This time, I am sending all my documentation and this email to one of the management team.


Grossman or Mr. Soloman to start.


Hey Paul at HSN, You're the god dang EF up!

I have a printed sheet SHOWING IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FULLY LOADED - go back and watch the video on it - if you work there - and you'll see the hostess proclaim that this is the FIRST TIME HSN HAS EVER HAD A FULLY LOADED LAPTOP! So *** of Paul.

You're name must really be Richard because you seem like a *** to me.

Go ahead - keep talking about *** you know nothing about. Makes you feel important.


Read item descriptions a bit better next time..

Hsn DOES NOT, sell "fully loaded" laptops w/ windows office. It's always a trial.

I would know, I work there..

You're a god dang ***.

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