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Logix Guru - Great Place To Work in a Positive Env!

I worked for Logix Guru for a period of almost two years in the mid 2000's. I graduated with a B.A. with a 3.4 gpa and promptly entered graduate school finishing number 3 in my class with a masters in a health related field. I was so pleased to get a job offer from Logix Guru starting at almost $30,000 per annum! Who would have thought that I could finish almost seven years of college and be making almost $2,100 per month after taxes! I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked there. I made three IT placements in those 18 months as well making another two thousand! Singh Ajmani was fantastic to work for. He told me that the salary I was making was in line with the amount of education I received. I have now moved into the primary field of my education and have moved into the arena of around $70,000 per annum but I feel that I am way overcompensated. I agree with Singh Ajmani as he explained to me that someone working for him with a Masters degree should be paid around $28,000 at his company. There is no need to be paid any more than 30k without a Ph.D.
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Logix Guru is the laughing stock of the Pittsburgh IT market. All they do is bring Indians over, pay them next to nothing and threaten to send them back if they don't go to work. Singh Ajmani is like a pimp


I absolutely hated working for this man. It was a nightmare.


Funny to see Singh Ajmani finally got caught doing something wrong. I should have seen through his BS when I interviewed with him.

His nephew Ravi called me from my resume that was posted online & had a decent chat with him. I typically get either a good or bad feeling with people when doing business with them. Not something magical or mystical here, just from being clear-headed and in business for a few decades will do that to you. Anyway, after talking with the jr Ajmani, he suggested I come in to speak with the owner, Singh.

The first thing that took me back was the fact that he was about 5 feet tall. I couldn't stop thinking that this guy must have a Napoleon complex & boy let me tell you...that was just the beginning. I ended up taking the position (against my better judgement) and Singh kept telling me how business was down and all he could pay me on salary was XYZ, blah blah blah. Little did I know at the time he was putting over a half million dollars of money in his own pocket that was suppost to go to Uncle Sam.

So, I took the job, negotiated the best I could for myself and came up with a start date. I came in for work and was given many boxes of old files to sift through. I came across DOZENS of names of people who were in my same position in years & months past. None of them had any tenure.

Came to find out they jumped ship when they found out about this company or were fired for no reasons that any one else wouldnt give me any info about.

The bottom line is, this place is a nightmare. If the Ajmani boys dont like something about you from day one, your time is numbered. You wont have a fighting chance.

I ran circles around the other staff in terms of my tenure in the industry as well as experience with much bigger, established companies. I brought in business right away & it didn't matter...Singh had it out for me. I did everything I could to make it better for myself...,came in early, did other work outside of what was expected, drove to and from the airport, client sites, worked on weekends, etc. It didn't matter.

I needed this job and took it for less than I made previous but Singh Ajmani made it a living nightmare. I have moved an and have never been happier but I needed to post this to anyone that is considering working internally for this organization. Please be aware and careful. It is a revolving door so make sure you have savings to fall back on and keep a resume handy.

You could do something so innocent and simple but catch Singh on the wrong day and you will be history. Great job if you are looking for experience to build a resume or if you are young & single.

If you have people at home that depend on you and your income for survival...., well lets just say that you are going to dissapoint them through no fault of your own. Good luck and God bless.


Handling individual tax preparations since 2004. Many satisfied individuals have saved in excess of $600,000.00 using the "Ajmani Method".

All you need to do is pull your tax statements from your local accounting office and make an appointment with Singh to get started. He will look for those loopholes the government leaves open and BAM! You'll be surprised at what he can do! Take an hour, wait in his dark basement with the support and recruiting staff, listen to the management torture some poor working still who has no idea they are going to be fired, and presto!

Your taxes will be done, you'll be saving thousands (not knowing Singh is breaking the law for you), and everyones a winner!

This is the only way we've found that we can show someone making $30,000 per annum and get $44,000 back in returns. Thanks Singh Ajmani!!


Singh "Yoda" Ajmani.


$600,000 tax evader escapes prison term

More local news


Friday, July 9, 2010

A federal judge Thursday sentenced a Monroeville businessman to three years of probation for failing to pay more than $600,000 in taxes.

SIngh Ajmani, 66, pleaded guilty Jan. 27 to one count of tax evasion. While he obtained accurate income figures from his bookkeeper, Ajmani gave reduced figures to his tax preparer and underpaid his 2003 taxes by about $77,600 and his 2004 taxes by about $540,000, prosecutors say.

U.S. District Judge Maurice Cohill sentenced Ajmani to 250 hours of community service and imposed a $50,000 fine.

Ajmani operates two Murrysville businesses, a coal brokerage firm called American Coal & Minerals Co., and an information technology company called Logix Guru.

Federal sentencing guidelines recommended that Ajmani serve a sentence of 24 to 30 months in prison. His lawyer, Cynthia Reed Eddy, presented a letter from a certified public accountant that both companies would likely fold if Ajmani were sent to prison because none of his employees has the required skills and business contacts to keep them going. Further pointing out he hires nimrods for both of his organization.

The two businesses support at least 20 families on less than $30,000 each and Logix Guru plans to add 10 more employees that will work in his dark basement, bringing the total to 15 people working in 400 square feet, she said.

Ajmani apologized and said his crimes have brought him personal shame and have hurt his family, friends and business colleagues.

"I must do what I can to make things right, and next time I will move my undeclared funds to the Cayman Islands away from the eyes of the IRS" he said.

In addition to pleading guilty, Ajmani has paid the taxes he owes plus penalties and interest. A native of India who became a citizen, Ajmani said he regrets committing felony after felony against his adopted country.

"I have lost my most revered citizenship rights -- my right to vote, to hide money, lowball employees, *** in the car with employees in it with the windows closed and annoy my recruiting staff," he said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Kaufman agreed that Ajmani has shown remorse for his crimes and has a lifelong history of performing charitable works. Still, trying to evade more than $600,000 in taxes should result in some prison time, particularly when it's clear that Ajmani was motivated by simple greed, Kaufman said.

The ease with which he paid the taxes and penalties shows that, he said.

"The scheme here is clear," Kaufman said.

The judge said the cost to taxpayers of imprisoning a nonviolent offender like Ajmani would "far exceed the benefit." And Mr. Ajmani's co-council was concerned that his client would likely have to take it in the keester as well during his prison stay. "We wanted to avoid that at all costs" adding that "Mr. Ajmani would feel uncomfortable in a wedding dress for his cell mate"

"Other than the instant offense, Mr. Ajmani has been a law-abiding citizen his entire life," Cohill said.

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