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Groupon codes and mancaveworldwide website issues

After filling out forms for shipping, credit card and Groupon promo code, I had inadvertently messed up the promo code for $61 credit. After the page refreshed with the promo code error I resubmitted I then get to the shipping and order finalization page. After the shipping fees are assessed and the order is totaled I was asked to submit again. This time the credit card is declined. During the promo code error page refresh the expiration date was reset and thus the default date was carried over into the final submission page, causing the card declination. So the site states "credit card declined" and pushes me back to the original page asking for the promo code. After entering the code again... validating CVN and expiration dates, I hit submit and... "invalid promo code." Repeat several times, double checking promo code; same result. The original order submission apparently devalued the code but didn't revalue after the credit card error. Not a big deal, right? Just contact the company through customer service and straighten it out... Oh there is none. A snail mail address and an email address for info on becoming a man cave worldwide shill. I will attempt contact through email and to ask Groupon for a fresh code. Updates to follow.
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As for MacCave, the shipping isn't bad at all. What people sometimes miss, is the $8 meat handling charge. These brats are hand-crafted and packed in dry ice, as well as shipped immediately so that consumers get the best product possible. Any order that gets to $200 has a flat rate of 10% shipping, and their products have a lifetime warranty.

To me..that is a great deal! Everyone I know LOVES the ManBlocks! And, the brats are wonderful!

It seems to me that Groupon had the issue, and I have e-mailed customer service before with questions, and they always get back to me right away. Maybe Groupon gave you the wrong e-mail address?


Agreed about this company being Shady. so explain again why i cant use my groupon dollars as part of the shipping cost.

a dollar is a dollar right?

Terrible web site, poor customer service, mediocre product and nothing but red tape to navigate through at every turn. why would anybody work with or purchase from this company?


Ditto on the $27 to ship a few things!! shop elsewhere!


Ditto on the $27 to ship a few things!! shop elsewhere!

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