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MISUniversity - MIS University - Mike Warren Cheated Me

Mike Warren's MIS University is an operation that uses the internet, UPS and the US Mails to deliver courses in various types of investing that may be interesting to consimers. I bought a course on Credit. They wanted me to become a collection agency. *** no! I want my money back. I emailed them 3 times within the first 30 days for a refund -- no response. I then, within the 30 day guarantee period - had my bank get back my money via chargeback. They managed to convince the bank that I physically received the course and the chargeback was stopped. Naturally that was NOT the complaint. Now I am out $667 they will not refund; will not honor their guarantee; are doing business in my state without being registered so I cannot sue them in small-claims court -- I am about to file mail fraud charges against them -- AND I WANT AN ARREST!!!! I warned them and they do not care! Mike Warren and the MIS University are frauds. Do not buy a single thing.
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I was scammed out of $995. If you look at the material you purchased from Mike he won't give you, your money back although in his webinar he offers a 30-day money back guarantee without stipulation. How are you going to evaluate whether the program is legit, or for you unless you look at the material for which was paid for up front in full???????


I have personally listened to mike warren speak, and what he teachez and what courses he sells is for real.

@mike k. in phx, AZAZ

Oh his courses may be real but, his word and his money back guarantee are not real! BUYER BEWARE!

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The Zaken Corporation - Zaken is a Lying, Cheating Evil.

Zaken Corp supposedly does Wholesale buying and selling. You invest in them and you supposedly get training and the ability to buy and sell and make money from the difference in price. They sent via UPS a manual which UPS insists they left on the "front porch". Naturally, it never got into MY hands. Zaken then ended all "training" because I did not have the manual. They never replaced the manual. Never gave their "service". Yet, they expected me to pay them the full amount of the contract which amounts to some $4,000 anyway!!! Zaken then HIRED A COLLECTION AGENCY to squeeze the money out of me!!! I told the Collection Agency the above story and have not heard a single thing since - from them. Who knows what evil Zaken intends to perpetrate still?
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The reviews online don't really mean anything because only the lazy people that failed post their experiences. If you're not lazy with it, then you'll be doing a good job and succeeding. You should try it


You know I just received in invitation to join Zaken today 9/18/12. But after reading all the horror stories and comments by various people, all I can say is thanks for sharing. Zaken is never one business that I want to invest in.


v, you clearly don't know what you're talking about. Complaining so much about Zaken. Doesn't make sense to me at all after all of the positive experiences I had with them.


you are a complete ***, please stop taking advantage of these people. this is obviously an employer of zaken corp. enough already, you already took advantage of enough people.


they don't cheat nor do they lie. Its the peoples problem if they fail at it. Its not Zaken corps fault if their customer doesn't do well.


So your telling me that this multi million dollar company makes all their money just from scamming people? That's hard to believe especially because of the fact that I made a lot of money from their program


I have worked with all the managers for this company and I can assure you that they are only out to make money for themselves. Anyone who buys from this company is not only wasting their money but are also being scammed.

I worked their for 4 years and was pushed to do stuff that I did not want to do constantly. Double billing, questionable billing techniques, heck, I was even told to ignore refunds for customers just so that they were inelligble for the refund. How can anyone say that this company is good? They cannot, and are working for ZAKEN (the actual company) in efforts to make sure that the last comment is a good one.

They have a great marketing department and thats how that company makes their money. By fooling people into thinking that you are one of the lucky few to be chosen to make money with them.



Well v I'm happy that I am buying him toys because I benefited a lot from his company. I made the money that they promised me by just following their simple steps. So I don't know how you were working over there but I've never been happier.


I am a former employee of that company and I can't tell you first and that it is a scam. I've seen them treat people like *** and the only thing that the company wants is your money.

believe me the company's motto is not looking to help you get rich it's that you're gonna make them rich with your money. I forget who the spokesperson is but why would they give you promotional material that says you can go on a talk show that does not exist to share your experience? I worked for them hard for 4 years and was let go because I was too honest. after working on the inside for a company that does the stuff I can honestly say I will never ever try a home based business.

Zaken and his family are making a profit off of this recession by stealing your money so that they can fly back and forth in a private jet to israel that tiran owns. any person who gives this company money is only buying him more toys


Stop whining everyone. The Zaken program is legit.

It's the only business opportunity that has worked for me. I've lived it.

I've tried it. I've experienced it.

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