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Psychic Source - I Learned My Lesson After ONE Phone Call!!!!!!

I called this company's TOP Psychic Kristine. She is a sweetheart, BUT nothing she said was true. She gave me 3 predictions along with a timeline. The predictions were pertaining to my career. I asked her if she was sure about what she told me, and she told me yes. Well ALL 3 of the predictions NEVER happened, and the timeline was for back in October 2018, and it is now January 2019. She also told me something about someone that made absolutely no sense. It was so far fetched I asked her if she was SURE she had the right person. Again, she said yes. I used this companies INTRODUCTORY rate of $30 FOR 30 MINUTES. I am SOOOOOOO glad that I had the common sense to only spend $30. AFTER the introductory rate the PRICE for Kristen goes UP TO $11.99 A MINUTE. YES you read that RIGHT! $11.99 A MINUTE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! That means a 30 MINUTE reading IS $359.70 DOLLARS!!!!! WOW. $359 for 30 MINUTES worth of WORK? MY ATTORNEY doesn't even make that!!! That is a ridiculous amount of money and totally ABSURD. What a SCAM and rip off. Most of the people that call Psychics are lost in their life and put their faith into finding help somewhere. A REAL psychic would NOT charge $360 for 30 minutes of work and rip their clients OFF!!!! If you want a REAL psychic that is affordable go to Michele Knight she IS 100% REAL and her prices are reasonable!!!!! Many blessings, Heather
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I would just like to say that a good psychic reading depends on the openness of the caller. I have read with Kristine many times and she is outstanding!

She even helps the police with missing persons/homicide cases. I'm sure they would know if she's not good. I would bet they pay more than $ 30.00 for 30 minutes of her work. Also, the advisors do not set their rates...that is a company decision.

If you have a problem with that, then take it up with management. Kristine is not to blame for your bad reading. Maybe you yourself made a choice that changed the outcome...if you zigged when you should've zagged...then it's not Kristine's reading that was wrong, it was something you caused yourself. You should also know that everything is done in God's time.

Psychics can give a ballpark, but again...if the caller is doing nothing but throwing up blocks to whatever they want...whose fault is that? Certainly not the reader's. I would suggest you go through your memory bank and recall what type of caller you were for Kristine to read. Perhaps your bad attitude towards the reading caused it to be off.

You would be one of the solitary people that complain about Kristine.

She's outstanding. I"m sure she didn't care for the reading either.


Anybody who claims to possess paranormal or psychic powers is either mentally ill, or just a slick huckster bullsh@&@&@$ you. There is absolutely NO emperical scientific evidence proving psychic or paranormal phenomena.

There are only theories but those theories are always successfully debunked by the skeptical community. There is a wealth of information on the Internet describing all of the dirty little tricks that those so-called psychics use to make you think that they're "talking to the dead" and able to "see your future." I suggest a good starting point is reading the scholarly, but easy to read articles, by master skeptics James Randi and Professor Dr. Michael Shermer.

Both of these guys are experts in the field of debunking the paranormal and psychics. Educate yourselves and learn the truth of the matter.

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