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Beware of Shipping Policies

I bought a certificate for this company for my husband for Christmas. I even went to their website and tried to find out their shipping info before buying it to make sure it was worth it. I went so far as to place a "DUMMY" order to see what it would charge me, but it wouldn't tell me unless I put in a credit card. Figured it couldn't be more than $10 give or take, so bought it. The certificate said only that shipping would not be included in the certificate amount. Well, after placing the order for exactly the amount of the certificate, I put in the cert number and shipping was nearly half of the cost of the items (more than $25) I was ordering. So now I'm spending a lot more than I had originally budgeted. The items were already overpriced, so to have to pay another 40+% really *** me off. BEWARE unless you don't mind spending a ton on shipping.
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The shipping is ridiculous and they don't "make" anything themselves so the pricing for other items are too high. You can find the exact same products in stores for MUCH less. Especially on clearance.

The meats were actually pretty good for the most part, but the shipping and pricing killed it in the long run.


Hhmm..not sure how your Christmas got ruined considering you say that the shipping was $25. Not much of a Christmas in the first place, and I would guess that the best course for your kiddo on a fixed income would have been to contact your local food bank, Catholic Community Services office, etc. They would have been more than happy to help you with a nice bundle of Christmas presents and food. Just a little friendly advice for the future.

As for MacCave, the shipping isn't bad at all. What people sometimes miss, is the $8 meat handling charge. These brats are hand-crafted and packed in dry ice, as well as shipped immediately so that consumers get the best product possible. Any order that gets to $200 has a flat rate of 10% shipping, and their products have a lifetime warranty.

To me..that is a great deal! Everyone I know LOVES the ManBlocks! And, the brats are wonderful!

It seems to me that Groupon had the issue, and I have e-mailed customer service before with questions, and they always get back to me right away. Maybe Groupon gave you the wrong e-mail address?

Anyhow..that's my opinion.


Same thing as the above consumer. Horrible service and wat below average website.


I totally agree. My entire experience with this Groupon has been horrible.

I complained to Groupon only to be told I had to email my order to a web address that doesn't exist. BEWARE MANCAVE and GRUOPON!


Yes I know the shipping policies now, since I was forced to place an order. That's why I posted my original comment.

What I was saying is they were not apparent BEFORE buying the certificate. I searched in all of the top menu options and there was NOTHING about shipping policies. After trying to place the dummy order and eventually going ahead and buying the certificate, I found the shipping policies in little bitty, teeny weeny letters in the very bottom, left corner of their website several days later. I am a pissed consumer because it was basically hidden instead of being in the top menu options where most respectable websites would place it.

If you look at the Kansas City Steak Company's website, the shipping info is easily found in the "Customer Service and FAQ" tab at the top of the home page. Also their standard shipping is only $4.95. That is a far cry from the $25 I was charged by ManCave. So yes maybe I should have spent 3 or 4 days hunting for the nearly hidden shipping policies on that website, but I assumed they would be reasonable like Kansas City Steak Company.

However, we all know what it means to ASSUME and yes they made an *** out of me. I am on a fixed income and was trying to do something nice and different for my husband for Christmas. Because of the outrageous shipping costs, my husband ended up with about 15 brats and 10 snack sticks as his only Christmas gift. It also cut into our 3 year old's Christmas, so he ended up getting ripped off as well.

That is why I am a pissed consumer and venting on a "Pissed Consumer" website. I am also posting my disappointment on every other website I can find and will continue so hopefully no one else will get ripped off like I did.

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