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Fitbit Ripoff

Update by user Oct 07, 2016

Customer support isn't helpful. They gave me troubleshooting steps that I had already taken, and want me to buy another Fitbit with a 25% coupon.

This Fitbit is barely used. I want THIS one to work!

Original review posted by user Oct 04, 2016
I received a Fitbit Flex as a gift in 2014. I used it for awhile (about 2-3 months), then stopped. Recently, I wanted to start using it but as luck would have it, my barely used Fitbit won't hold a charge. I went online and found that this is a common problem. I called Fitbit's customer support team and spoke to a poorly trained rep who had nothing to offer in assistance except a 25% discount on a new one. As a consumer, why would I want to purchase a new Fitbit when I've been disappointed with this one, and customer service is lacking? Ironically, Fitbit can track all of my usage through my account with them, so they can see how poorly their product performed with little usage. They don't have to take my word for it! Shameful customer experience, Fitbit!
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I know a few people who had fitbits and had issues with them. That's why I decided to buy a Garmin (Best Buy).

Much cheaper, does the same thing, and best yet you don't ever charge it (runs on batteries). I've had mine for about 8 months, wear it 24/7, and haven't had a single issue with it, and have yet to replace the battery.

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Fitbit Customer Care
  • Tracking steps and sleep
  • Fitbit has product flaws
  • Not a warranty problem
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Poor customer service
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I want a Fitbit that works at no further expense to me.
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Best Buy, Where's Your Service?!

Is Best Buy using UPS or the post office? I received confirmation that my package was delivered to me and it wasn't. It appears that UPS dumps the package into the mailstream and then it's a black hole! I waited on hold with Best Buy for over 30 minutes and reached a rep who was useless and unable to tell me where my package is. She told me to "wait it out" because she had no idea where my package is. I called today, this time I waited 51 minutes before another poorly trained, not too bright, rep was completely unable to help me locate my package. I can't even get through to cancel the order! How can a company be this behind so early in the Christmas season?
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I had the same experience, it did not say it was delivered just shipped, waited 10 mins on the phone and got cut off, called back waited customer service told me they were transferring me to an online Rep, after 20 more mins, the person who picked up said they couldn't help and said THEY would transfer me to an online Rep..... 45 mins and waiting............


If you have confirmation that it was delivered, how do you know it wasn't actually delivered and someone grabbed it off of your front porch? Be mad at UPS, they're the ones who messed up, which happens A LOT

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