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Apple - MacBook Pro Computers...dissatisfied

Purchased a MacBook Pro /i5 processor...this computer is the biggest mistake i ever made in purchasing computers. Only had this computer for only one on Month and here are some of the discouraging problems... Will not boot-up when temperature is 60 degrees or below. Locks up most often...frustrating Verizon had to reprogram in order for the Internet to work runs slower then our Toshiba PC...Purchased the MacBook Pro because of the high ratings and for long term investment. Totally dissatisfied, the Mac store has worked on this computer several times with no results. This is "Unsat"..
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Macs in general (Except Mac pro) have horrible cooling systems. A typical workaround is to install smcfancomtrol (google it) and adjust your fan speeds as needed to keep everything below 45 degrees C. Watch the GPU diode temp especially.


being a Mac user my self, I've only had one complaint about them and it was when they released the first gen Air's, bought one, and because of the dual cores, it would over heat. now that I had the current gen, it out runs my dad's Toshiba Tecra with ease.

I realise that I do have 4GB of RAM and a 250GB Solid State Drive, but it still floats on by. Im not just some fanboy trolling here.

Im neutral, but for 99 percent of my use is on a Mac, I do have a winbox for windows stuff that I cant do in Boot Camp(ingrated graphics are cruddy for hardcore gaming such as CoD4).

to clarify, call Apple, say hey, I think theres something wrong, and they'll fix it, dont get pissed tht you might not know how to use it and/or there is something wrong.


:roll Me Too.. I am so sorry that I bought a macbook pro - how do you get out of it and get your money back? It's been a nightmare deal with apple


I've owned many PCs over the course of my life. They're slow, unreliable, and crash more often than they work.

Also, they run at optimum speed for the first couple months, then speed decreases rapidly. However, upon purchasing my Mac, I haven't had any of these problems... Did you load the hard drive beyond it's capacity?

You could have a computer made by God himself, and it'll slow down if you fill it with ***. Try calling Apple, and they can replace it, or give you the advice to fix what you may be doing wrong...

@Woah hold on now dude...

Mac Pro developes problems AFTER the warranty period of one year!! SO YOU CAN'T GET YOUR MONEY BACK !!!!

I've had nothing but problems with this Mac Pro ever since i bought it. Its a $1400.00 plus piece of ***. And i DID NOT over load it.

It is still slow. Now the Optical Drive needs to be replaced!!


There is absolutely no reason out of the box your MacBook Pro should be operating with such poor results. Based on the description of your issues it would appear to me that something has gone awry inside the machine, potentially a faulty logic board.

Take it in to your local Apple Authorized Service Center and have them run full diagnostics on it.

More than likely it will be sent off to Apple and replaced with a brand new one. This new MBP will demolish your Toshiba, I guarantee it.


Don't think that your one faulty Mac can speak for them all. Your computer is still under the AppleCare warranty (you've got a year by default, unless you purchased the AppleCare plan, then you've got 3).

Call up AppleCare, or take your computer into your nearest Apple Store, if possible (Note: don't take it to a Mac Store... that's where they sell high-end makeup and cosmetics, which explains why they couldn't solve your problem!). being a former Apple Retail employee, I know that if your computer produces the same hardware problem (note: HARDWARE problem, not software.. it's got to be verified) repeatedly after having the parts replaced by APPLE (not your neighborhood handyman, or yourself), Apple MAY replace the entire unit for you.

It's a rare occurrence, but if your computer is that bad, it could eventually lead to that. HOWEVER, don't march into your nearest Apple store demanding a new computer... that's not how it works. They won't replace your computer because you asked or screamed for it.

There's specific Apple guidelines. So contact Apple, and see what your options are.

Good luck, and be patient and kind.


I'm not sure what kind of problems your having, but my MacBook Pro runs circles around any PC I've ever worked on. And I've been working on PC's since 1985.

It's quicker and more reliable and much, much easier to maintain. It always works and I only reboot once every 3-4 months. As far as overpriced goes you get what you pay for. My wife just bought a new PC and set it up for her.

That was the last and hopefully only time I'll use it.

Did you try talking to Apple about it? If there is an Apple Store in your area try bringing it to the Genius Bar and have them take a look a it.


We do not use any PC products on the Mac...If we wanted a PC we would not have gotten a Mac. We have a TOSHIBA PC that runs circles over the MAC.

The Toshiba is a dual core and the Mac is i5.

Also, the Mac is over priced and has limited adapters/resources...



Mac is NOT a PC, and how it runs is totally different. You have to learn how to use.

If it locks up often then there is something on it that is not for Macs OR you have it dual booted with a PC OS.

This is not a good idea. While it is possible, it is not good.

If you want PC, buy PC. If you want MAC, learn how to use it.

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