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C-N-C's Standard Poodles-Parker, CO: Rude, Pompous, Prejudiced, an altoghether insulting experience

CNCs Standard Poodles #216741
Wow, Kurtis, you are fairly misinformed and mislead when it comes to AKC's registration, as well as equally misinformed in regards to genetic health diseases in golden retrievers. While it is true AKC has opened up a section with the sole purpose to register mutts, it is strictly on the basis that they can now compete in performance events ONLY and MUST be spayed/neutered and can NEVER be bred.

As for health issues in Golden Retrievers, you are also very mistaken in your assumption that they are healthy with little to no health issues. Do a simple google search and you will find many legit references to at least a dozen different health issues that are genetically inheritable diseases, including but not limited to vWD, PRA, Epilespy, cardiomyopathy, hip displasia, elbow displasia, and cataracts.

Also, its been well stated by many scientists that 2 different breeds that are interbred DO NOT create a true hybrid, therefore there is no such thing as hybrid vigor like what you get when you breed a horse and a donkey (getting a mule which is sterile and infertile). Because both standard poodles and golden retrievers have some of the same health problems you a
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