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Aafes Exchange - AAFES auction overstated comparable price in auction

Its what one doesn't know that will hurt you. AAFES should be ashamed to be associated with this auction. I purchased a couple of items which at the time,I thought was a good deal. The jewelry I bought cost me $50 plus shipping and tax, whereas I seen the same thing on Ebay for $15 plus free shipping and no tax. I also bid on a tool. Again, I paid twice as much as the pay now price on was the same item,incl packaging number. Being very disappointed, I almost wrote a letter to the AAFES I.G. asking them to look into this, plus why do they charge us sales tax. They brag, that AAFES does not charge sales tax. I did not write the letter, because I will not spend another cent on them to inform them of this sham..they have attorneys working for them in the I.G. office that should self inspect their operations. Their listing of a "comparable price" is the sham.
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Oh yeah, don't waste your money buying any of their "high end" watches. I bought 5 different watches for gifts, all during different auctions with "compare prices" of between $900-$1500 values.

ALL OF THESE WATCHES ARE $10 MADE IN CHINA FLEA MARKET WATCHES. They put them in the exact same semi fancy box, regardless of brand name, so you know they are coming from one warehouse full of *** watches. Most of the ones I got still had a Made In China sticker on them. Again, they are all $10 flea market watches.

Don't waste your money, they aren't even worth the shipping cost. I can't believe AAFES is involved with this scam.


I fell for this auction with a couple items before getting wise. AAFES should be embarassed by themselves.

Right now they are selling vacation hotel packages in Panama City Beach Florida and are listing the "Compare At" price at almost double what the actual price is on the resort website. Not a sale price, not a promotion, the regular prices.

I understand their catch all explanation of the "Compare At" price cannot be a quaranteed current representation for how much you may pay for any given item. However, when it is specifically available from the one and only vendor (in this case the resort offered), it is blatant misrepresentation bordering on FRAUD to say that a $1000 hotel stay (again regular price, not sale/offer) is valued at $1995.

I thought I got a decent price on a couple things, but 35 of 36 items that I checked up on were offered everywhere else at about 10-20% of the "compare at" price that AAFES Auction basically lies about.

After my current bids expire, I will never use this site again and I'm considering no using AAFES ever again. F the troops AAFES? *** then.


Comparative prices are grossly exaggerated, e.g., truck speaker set supposedly valued at $300-- and AAFES wants $20 for shipping to boot. Actual price is $49 including free shipping from several sites.

Same holds true for various collectibles, electronics, tools, household appliances, kitchen items, etc.

In addition, several products offered are actually defective and cheaply made, e.g., a leather briefcase, ironing table, etc-- check out consumer complaints for these items. Caveat emptor applies-- always check other sources for actual price before committing to a bid.


biggest shame i ever seen anywhere for our px to beinvoled/////////

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