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Sound Solutions - Sabbatoge At It Finest

I would like to join the list of ALL the consumers who have gone to Sound Solutions of Chantilly, VA and has had disappointing experiences dealing with these destructive communist ***. This shop is by far the worst American Business of its kind. I write this review in hope that I will any consumer who is deciding to use Sound Solutions as their trusting audio car installation shop. And I have pursued the advice of the Better Business Bureau for further actions because apparently, I'm not the only one who has written a review about Sound Solutions and their success with sabotage. Excitedly, I went there with a specific task at hand; to get my radio and accessories installed into my brand new (at least to me) Hummer H2! First, let me give some background information just to put everything into perspective. I transferred a 2-year old Sony Xplod 750-watt amplifier, a Best Buy capacitor, and a 15-inch Kicker Box from my old vehicle to the Hummer. In addition, I added a VizualLogic VMOD, and a Pioneer F90BT Navigation System. All equipment was new and in its original boxes or in perfectly good condition. To current date and my disgust, I have had to replace each one of my units. Although I am highly convinced that the entire installation was sabotage, I blame myself for leaving my vehicle unattended while Sound Solutions did the installation. The first sign of destruction came a week after installation, the Navigation System stopped working. The radio would power on and immediately shut off. I returned to Sound Solutions and explained this to "Mike", and he cowardly expressed faulty equipment. I wasn't convinced, but I asked him to remove the radio so that I can return it to the Vendor. Do you know that *** charge me!!! I gave up dealing with these pompous ***. I went to another shop in Arlington, VA. They reinstalled the radio and verified the wiring. At least that *** got the wiring right. But the radio continued to power on and shut off. I rode around for about a month with this imminent problem. You know I was pissed. One day I powered on the heater in my car and noticed that the radio didn't shut off. I was surprised and yet confused. To this day the radio has not shut off. But other alarming incidents have taken place. And the sad thing about is that Sound Solutions will not confess destruction. The second event came a few months after the above radio incident. Suddenly, my VMOD system had stopped powering on. During installation, I noticed that the top of the VMOD was physically damage. At the time of installation, the VMOD was handed to Sound Solutions in the original box. I had only taken the unit out of the box to inspect the purchase. The unit was still under warranty so I returned it to the Vendor for a replacement. I installed it myself. To the day, it has been working ok. The third event came about 13 months after installation. During installation, I didn't have Sound Solutions to physical connect the Kicker Box as I was still deciding to use it or not. I told Sound Solutions to just run the cabling for the box. I took my truck to Safe Sound in Manassas for them to hook up my head seat units and the Kicker Box. Not to my surprise, I was informed that every time they connected the box the fuse would blow. Now I have all but two units to replace, the capacitor and amplifier. I went to another shop in Maryland and was told my amplifier and capacitor both were dead. Again, no surprise! That was the last of the equipment. Now everything has been replaced. And I'm starting fresh. I have spent close to $2K on my radio installation. But finally, I'm happy!! *** *** I hope Sound Solutions rot in ***.
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