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My VA Mortgage Processor screwed me!! I am doing what I thought was an easy loan. A VA interst reduction loan. My Processor, who was a "temporary" employee only did not speak anything other than Spanish and I could not understand her! She was beligerent and mean. She sent me a decline letter for no paystubs, however no paytubs are required for this type of loan! What an incompetent ***! Of course,she is in San Antonio so I am willing to bet that she was most likely an illegal mexican! The "thug" "supervisor" Yolanda is a piece of work too. She defended her poor perfomance. She herself could barely speak anything other than "eubonics" so that tells you something. I am not being racist here. i am simply stating a fact. Due to this mostake, I now have a mortgage late. I actually have retained legal counsel on this.
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I speak perfect English as a USAA Processor, but the comments about my co workers in San Antonio are very true- They do speak English, but it is so very difficult to understand. The key in this job is to be a great communicator and, in the name of "political correctness" the sub par mortgage processors of hispanic desent, are clearly put in positions they do not qualify for. This is NOT racist!!


I am a current USAA mortgage processor for both the VA and conventional lines of business. I am the first to admit that all the negative comments about the USAA mortgage process and processors are, sadly, correct.

For starters, my co workers were recruited from largely from day labor agencies- that's right, your "loan representative" may have been laying brick or drywalling one day and next day that person is "processing" your mortgage!! Also, we (yeah I admit, I take part in this) make key documents "disappear" if we were having a bad day. For example, a purchase contract or an appraisal can disappear EVEN if you, the applicant keep sending in documents :-) Additionally, voicemails get deleted without getting heard, and emails too (from you, our member). This happens because we resent having the weight of the world on our shoulders while the team leads and Underwriters do almost nothing!! I have caused many closings not to happen- especially purchases when we have the authority to delete entire loan files!

Also, because we are the point-of-contact with the appraiser, title companies, etc., we routinely ask the appraisers to "low ball" the appraisal so the deal falls through. Now, before you start getting all mad at me, please consider the following: If a loan is denied for low appraisal, it is AWESOME because that file falls off our caseload. If the appraisal does come in where we need it to, then it creates a MASSIVE amount of work for us!! It SUXXXX!!

USAA mortgage does not provide us with training and we largely "make it up" as we go along. We do not try to create a bad member experience; however, due to the fact our caseloads aAre so heavy, we do anything possible to "kill" a deal. It sounds horrible, but afterall what would you do if you were one of us?? We don't earn barely above minimum wage and we are 100% "contracted" labor. In other words, we are "temps" and we have no benefits and are expendable!

Make up your own mind if you want to deal with USAA Mortgage- you now have all the facts!!

Melissa K


USAA does not hire "illegal" immigrants and to even suggest that is simply absurd. The complainants above are confusing "Spanish accent" with "speaka no English".

I sometimes have difficulty with that myself since I do not confront accents often. Be patient, folks.

If you respond rudely, you will get, in time, rudeness in return. Send a letter/email to Joe Robles, USAA CEO, and I'll assure you a "speaka English" associate will contact you.


I find that customers who have bad experiences...example...dozer says his mortgage processor, who spoke NO English mind you, was beligerant and rude.....are the rude ones. I imagine Dozer was rude and beligerant to the mortgage processor.

Most people who have bad experience are the rude ones. This woman probably spoke English with a heavy accent and Dozer says she spoke NO English.Dozer i think youre probably a bid, fat, ***, redneck, inbred, backwoods liar!


I have had a couple of less than satisfactory experiences at usaa, but i find it had to believe you spoke to someone who spoke No English. How did you figure out that the employee was a contractor or that they didnt know the definition of the word "mortgage"? Sounds like a big exaggeration and i have little respect for that.


4th Closing date, 3rd processor, getting no where. Sellers about to back out, USAA knows it, but still moving like slugs.

If you are reading this. Trust me, Do not use USAA Mortgage. My realtor told me to go with this bank in town. I said, I would go with USAA, they are good with stuff like this..HAAHAHA..Little did I know, that the mortgage dept.

is totally worthless. A waste of time. I speak from experience. You will regret it when you are weeks past the original closing date.

You need to go somewhere that you can walk into. There are alot of banks that are VA approved lenders. They will have you done in no time. I am on my 4th closing date, sellers want to back out.

Faxes are lost, emails are buried. You know, the email that has the important info they requested one day before closing, and now your closing date has been pushed back, again. You will not be able to get your processor on the phone. You need to use extension 78466, and they will instant message your processor, who will message them back.

HOW??, so, the processor doesn't answer the phone when you just called,even though they are right there. NOPE! Also, they will call at the end of the work day, to give you some info, so that it will have to wait till the next day, so that you can send them the bank statements they lost, for the 3rd time. Hello, check your email.

Its still in your *** email...duhhh! I have chosen to go with a different bank now. The one my realtor told me to use from day one. One that I can walk into, right down the road.

My paperwork, all of it, is currently sitting on the underwriters desk.

All they are waiting for is USAA for the appraisal documents. And its a done deal.


The whole no english thing as posted by Simon is right on the money. I had the same experience.

NO SPEAKA ENGLISH is my Processor to a T! I do not understand why USAA, a supposedly "American" company, hire illegal immiegrants? I do not understand at all. I am from Indiana and believe in americans first!

As a side note, my loan never got closed. MY Processor was rude and never did call me back


Well for someone who is complaining about another peron's English, you should know that "No English" is not using proper English. The proper term is "does not speak English. Also there is no such word as "mostake" did you mean mistake?


Well for someone who is complaining about another peron's English, you should know that "No English" is not using proper English. The proper term is "does not speak English. Also there is no such word as "mostake" did you mean mistake?


I agree with Lisa. I have the same problem- definately no speaka english is all the rage at USAA mortgage services.

My processor told me that he had been on the job for 2 weeks, he was also a "contractor" and had never had mortgage experience and did not even know the definition of that term even!

I cannot believe it!! I am also making it my mission to try to warn others as well.

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