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City Auto Sales - LIARS!!!!!!!

I purchase my vehicle and financed it through City Auto Sales, a used car dealership in Bessemer, Alabama. I have had my car for almost two years. I have always made my payments on time, until this month. My husband was laid off and we've had some problems keeping up with our bills. My car payment was a week late. I called City and explained the situation to them. I asked them if it was ok for me to come in the following week and make my payment (I called them last Thursday). They told me that would be fine. Well, Saturday night, my husband left in my car to go to the store. When he came out, a tow truck had him blocked in where he couldn't leave and told him they had to have $1,000 cash or they would take my car. The amount of my payment that was past due was only $250. He brought the car home. I told them that a friend would lend me the money to pay what I owed, but that I wasn't paying them $1,000 that I didn't owe. I refused to let them take the car because the car dealership told me I could come in and pay it the next week when I got paid. They left the car with me. First thing Monday morning I called the dealership and explained to them what happened. They tried to tell me there was no record of me calling in the previous week, which is a lie because I did call, and that was why they had come to pick the car up. I asked them if I needed to get the money to pay it now, or if it would be ok for me to pay them on Thursday when I got paid. They told me I could pay them when I got paid. So I'm at work thinking everything has been straightened out, but I was wrong! About an hour after I spoke to the dealership a tow truck pulls in the parking lot and takes my car! I immediately call them back and they tell me after they spoke to me they looked into everything that happened and they were taking my car. I explained to them if they would have just told me I needed to pay them now when I called them that I would have. They said they found out I wouldn't cooperate with the people that came to get my car and that's why they sent them. I of course told them it was because I was hesitant because the amount they said I had to pay was no where near the amount I owed. All they said was they would speak to the repo guy about that. So the repo guy drove about 5 miles down the road and then turned around and brought my car back because my grandmother paid it, but she also had to pay $250 for the repo guy. I was flat out lied to so the dealership could make an extra $250. I mean really, what kind of person can tell a hard-working mother with two kids to support that everything is settled and then turn around and knowingly basically steal money? I don't know how these people sleep at night. I understand that people call in with every excuse to get out of paying their bills, but this is the first time in almost 2 years that I have been late on a payment, and it was only a week late at that. Another thing I found out is that my husband's name is on the car. He never signed anything to have his name on it, and it's suppose to be in my name only. The dealership tried to tell me that he was on the paperwork as a contact, but when I told the repo guy what they siad, he showed me the state papers he had on my car and both mine and my husband's names were on it. The repo guy said the dealership was once again lying, and never to trust them because they are going to tell me what I want to hear no matter what they intend on doing. It is absolutely rediculous for them to lie to their customers just to make a little extra money. Do not shop at City Auto Sales!! They are liars!!!
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