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University of Phoenix - low standards

I really have only one complaint with UoP and I have done my BSM and MBA through their online program. My complaint is that they allow students into the MBA program that cannot even speak proper English. If you have taken UoP classes online, you understand there is a participation requirement. This requirement states that you must post within the class 2x, 4 days a week. This is a simple request yet some students can barely form a whole sentence. I would like to see UoP raise their standards for the Master's program. I expect people in a graduate level degree program to be able to communicate in complete and proper English. With the standards where they are, I am slightly embarrassed to tell people that I received my MBA from UoP. I really do not see any reason some students would continue to progress without a good grasp of the English language. I have to wonder; Is UoP passing students just for the money?!?! *Note – your grade is based on your performance but also on team projects.
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I just graduated with a BS from UOP and I have to agree that the caliber of students were low- especially in lower level courses. I was in the Education program and many times I laughed at my laptop screen....these people are planning on teaching our children! There is a difference between there/their/they're etc.

While I appreciate that learning to work as part of a team is a valuable experience, I think 30% of the grade in each class is too much. Since I was an A student, I often found myself doing far more than my fair share and staying up late just to get the assignments right.

That said, the quality of the curriculum is fantastic- but people can earn good grades without reading the required material and that seems silly.

I have already enrolled at a different online school for my MS.Ed.


I had the same concern when going through the MBA program, more often than not I felt like I was carrying the weight of my "team" because nobody else spoke or wrote in English. I can say good things about the school, but this was definitely a huge mistake UoP has made! I too do not tell people where I got my MBA- even though my roommate was going to ASU at the same time for his MBA and his assignments and class material were juvenile compared to UoP.

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USAA should monitor this processors

I have had nothing but trouble with USAA mortgage services and I have been a loyal banking customer for years. I look to USAA because I am a veteran and they specialize in veteran Financial services. However, after going through my new home loan process with a processor that can't communicate to save her life, I decided to do some research. AND ... *drum roll* Look what I found by googling my loan processor - her FaceBook page - where she complains about USAA mortgage clients.****81554&id=100000****38020 Really hope she gets moved into a new, lower position because there is NO WAY she should be dealing with clients. This going to be fun when I show this to USAA.
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UPDATE - don't know if my processor got canned but they took her off my case. Also her FB page is no longer open to the public but I took screenshots as did my agent.

Last week, the CFO called me WOW!

I really like the customer service aspect of USAA but the mortgage section is a wreck! I took my loan to US BANK and no problems!


My VA Mortgage Processor screwed me!! I am doing what I thought was an easy loan.

A VA intereste reduction loan. My Processor, who was a "temporary" did not speak anything other than Spanish and I could not understand her! She was beligerent and mean. She sent me a decline letter for no paystubs, however no paytubs are required for this type of loan!

What an incompetent ***! Of course, it is San Antonio we are talking about so I am willing to be that she was most likely an illegal mexican!


Not sure if USAA got to the processor but her page is no longer visable to the public.


Yeah, well at least your processor could at least speak English!! My piece of *** Processor was some guy from God knows where (probably San Antonio) Its a combination of Mexican and some other unknown dialect. Of course what do you expect in corporate america except politically correct hiring and to *** with the customer!!


Send a link to her FB page to USAA and also, contact your local news stations. The media loves this kind of stuff as much as a cockroach loves crumbs. Well the media and cockroaches are about one in the same but, using them may work to your advantage.


In case you can't open the link, it says:

Nicole Malec is "so IRRITATED by dumb *** ppl!!!! Hmmmmm do I give a s*&^ if you get into your new home on time..............ummmm nope cuz all y'all want to do is complain so all of my empathy/compassion for u was left at the corner of I don't dive a S&%$ and F*&@ Off!!" October 7 at 2:09pm

And that is a PUBLIC FaceBook page?!!?

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USAA mortgage - horrible

We found the house of our dreams and wanted USAA for our mortgage. Sadly, we got the worst USAA VA loan processor possible. Besides the fact that it took her two weeks to contact me (even though I called her multiple times). It took me contacting her manager to get her to pick up the phone. According to USAA management, you go to the back of *** when they resubmit your documents to underwriting. In fact, my agent was told that USAA "does not sit around waiting for the documents as [they] have many other loans to look at". Needless to say my agent was extremely upset with the tone USAA took with her (let alone them pushing my closing back and back and back). I thought USAA would be great to work with, especially since I have checking, savings and a credit card through them with no trouble. The mortgage department is a whole different world. They act like they are doing you a favor. My business is doing them a favor. I am shocked and disappointed that USAA would treat long time customers like this. I am considering pulling my loan and going with Bank of America. 35+ days to close on a 20 day contract, still no closing in sight - USAA has asked for another 7 day extension to close and a loan processor that won't return calls or e-mails. SUPER!
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4th Closing date, 3rd processor, getting no where. Sellers about to back out, USAA knows it, but still moving like slugs.

If you are reading this. Trust me, Do not use USAA Mortgage. My realtor told me to go with this bank in town. I said, I would go with USAA, they are good with stuff like this..HAAHAHA..Little did I know, that the mortgage dept.

is totally worthless. A waste of time. I speak from experience. You will regret it when you are weeks past the original closing date.

You need to go somewhere that you can walk into. There are alot of banks that are VA approved lenders. They will have you done in no time. I am on my 4th closing date, sellers want to back out.

Faxes are lost, emails are buried. You know, the email that has the important info they requested one day before closing, and now your closing date has been pushed back, again. You will not be able to get your processor on the phone. You need to use extension 78466, and they will instant message your processor, who will message them back.

HOW??, so, the processor doesn't answer the phone when you just called,even though they are right there. NOPE! Also, they will call at the end of the work day, to give you some info, so that it will have to wait till the next day, so that you can send them the bank statements they lost, for the 3rd time. Hello, check your email.

Its still in your *** email...duhhh! I have chosen to go with a different bank now. The one my realtor told me to use from day one. One that I can walk into, right down the road.

My paperwork, all of it, is currently sitting on the underwriters desk.

All they are waiting for is USAA for the appraisal documents. And its a done deal.


I agree whole heardtly, thsi has been the worst service I"ve ever received from USAA or their affiliates. I can't believe they are still holding a contract with them.

I have had a case with since 23 Sep 2010!! it's now 21 Dec 2010 and I still have yet to close. I am literally on the phone with them now and still getting the run around. They are probably going to 'schedule' adn I use that term loosely, cause they have said this five times prior to this one (literally), but this time I'me calling USAA back after I get off the phone and let them know what's going on.

:( :( I'm so upset over this that it's ridiculous. :(


USAA members are nothing but babies. Sure you served our country as I did but I'm not about to go and try and find a processor on Facebook and then "tell on them" just because she can't accurately communicate or because they don't call me right away.

BOO HOO!! Have you ever considered that USAA Mortgage Processors have over 50 other loans they are dealing with? Blame the company, not the processor. Customer service is one thing but common courtesy is another.

If you didn't like the processor you should have requested another one, or request to have their supervisor process your loan, or just go with a different lender. USAA charges more on their loans than most other banks (and even more than brokers)...why go with them in the first place? Because of their customer service?

Do your research; USAA does not have good customer service or rates. I'm surprised people would put up with paying more and receiving less than average customer service just to be "loyal"!


I am with you on that!! When I call for a status on my VA refinance, my processor barely can form a sentence in English and is also very rude.

She will never return a call either. On 1 loan, this is my 4th processor assigned! None of them could speak very good english neither were they kind.

Nothing against Mexican American people- however, in business, you need bright, articulate, knowledgeable staff that communicate kindly and effectively. I give up AND I also will be contacting Clarkk Howard to tell him my disgust!!


My VA Processor, a young mexican woman that I could not even understand (broken English) scorned me and took a horrible tone with me about wanting to withdraw my loan for a VA refinance. I forgot to put some papers in the mail and she was to the point of yelling at me on the phone. I am sick and I am going to the TX Department of Financial Institutions AND Comptroller of the Currency about this abuse I took!!

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