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Alans Roofing - Taking legal action

Contracted company Jan 2015 to replace roof. Did not finance paid in full. Everything seems fine at first. After less than a year roof seals were failing and had to be repaired. Another year later more seals failing. Instead of cutting and repairing TPO, they just put silicon over failing seals. Poor workmanship resulted in several areas of roof pooling water. Result of pooling water trickling totally destroyed sunroom roof. May 2018 called for estimate of sunroom roof (12’x24’) and repair, again, of installed roof. Rudy came climbed half way up a ladder too pictures. Never got up on roof to inspect damage. was then quoted for 530sqft. When I asked why I was being quoted for almost double the size of roof was told we can’t make money off of small roof so we increase the size to make profitable. Wanted to charge me almost $4000 for 12’x24. Was not willing to pay that much, but still needed roof they installed repaired. For almost 3months straight called repeatedly to get someone to come fix roof. Even requested the company owner to call no response. Dave Mura Would not return calls, or answer texts. After 2.5months he calls and says someone fixed it. Never called to setup visit just sent someone to my house when no one was home. And once again just threw silicon on pooling areas and said it was fixed. Yet roof still leaking water. Now the water started leaking inside main house. When I finally got in touch with Dave Mura he said “I’m not gonna fix it if you aren’t going to pay” mind you roof was still under warranty. After he apologized for being rude he said someone would come to fix. another month went by with nothing. And when crew finally showed up, gave no advance notice just showed up one day. Went up on roof to document work, when workers pulled up 3year old TPO, the pooling has turned the wood black. It was totally rotted. And Fernando the roofer actually said to me “this was done properly when it was installed, at the time we were still experimenting with TPO. I was stunned that he admitted they didn’t know how to install properly. After repairing it properly and not just patching with silicon. Sunroom roof stopped leaking, and remember they said their roof did not cause sunroof damage, but now it not leaking. Safe to say their roof damaged sunroom roof. Now 4mnths later and water once again coming down the walls in main house. Called Dave Mura, phone rang twice and sent to voicemail. So I’m pretty sure he declined the call, so I sent him video of of water running down wall, no response. Called company phone number explained what was happening and needed someone to call me back and come fix, no one returned my call. Called 4 times on 12/20/18. And they will not call me back. At this point I will be retaining a lawyer. And I have video and pictures of the poor work, as well as texts between myself and Dave Mura showing timeframe between requesting the work in May, and nothing being done until August. I was hoping Alan’s roofing would just do the right thing and replace the roof properly instead of having to take legal action but it doesn’t seem like that will happen
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Davis, California
Alans Roofing Roof Replacement
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Replace roof, and repair all interior damage as result of poor workmanship