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Deer Park Auto Sales - Mail lottery scam

Purported "winning ticket" showed all numbers winning match, for 25 grand, no hidden conditions, substitutions or exclusions. Odds claimed, about ONE in half-million. I was led to lot manager for verification. I offered my photo ID, which the mail-out said I would need. Salesman acted shocked, "Photo ID? We're not the police!" I handed manager my mail-out ticket, but he did not appear in any way to register one bit of surprise that I could actually be "THE" ONE in half-miil, nor did he respond to my invitation to find anything wrong with the "winning" ticket. Quite contrary. He appeared to have seen it all before. I then asked manager if odds of "one" meant that there could be only ONE winner, and he said yes. Then I asked if it specifically meant that there could be only ONE such "winning ticket printed, and he nodded repeatedly and emphatically as if "yes." I knew the slimeball was lying, because I had already seen another "winning" ticket just like mine, minutes earlier in another room. He added that "winner" wouldn't be announced until last day (Monday, November 1) of scam, and that I should call then to find out "if" I had won. But that would never happen. In the final hour of the scam event, as well as afterward, I would hear the same recording tell me that my prize had been "reserved" and that I should proceed to the event during special hours to "claim" my prize. I could enter a confirmation number other than my own and hear the same recording. Another part of the scam was what appeared to be a car key, taped onto the mail-out. If the key fit some prize vehicle on the lot, I would supposedly win that wihicle. But the manager never let me try the key, saying that it wasn't even a real key. He pulled it from the mail-out, bent it up and broke it right before my eyes. Like my "winning" ticket, it was to be the second such busted key I had already seen there that day. Manager kept my "winning" ticket and mail-out, so if I were to actually win ersatz "lottery," I suppose he would pocket loot for himself because he had kept all the evidence. I assured *** artist that I fully intended to buy a car from him, when the 25 G cleared my bank. How can these people keep getting away with such blatant lying deceptive scams? Don't we pay taxes for some basic consumer protections and a little truth in advertising?
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League City, Texas