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Att customer service-civility is dead

Ok, so im not an att customer per se because I agree that they are overpriced and just not worth the hassle. I am an iphone customer but with T-Mobile.....:-). anyways, I'm complaining about att customers. They are the worst customers ever who think they are owed everything and think we should bend over backwards to please them. Ha! Yes, it is our job to provide service to you, answer your questions, things of that nature. I am not your punching bag whom you can curse out, yell at and drive all your frustrations into. Ask your question, get your answer and then hang up so I can move on to the next customer who might actually be worth my time. The biggest inside joke at our center is how att subscribers are a bunch of privilaged *** who dont want to pay for their bill and want credit for everyting. "my call dropped, credit my account". "I dropped my phone in the toilet and because I'm a customer I want a new phone and dont want to pay for it". Oh you'd be surprised how many people believe that just because they are paying for phone service they're entitled. If you break your phone, how is that our fault? Why are we responsible for your stupidity? If I crash my car, I'm not going to go back to the dealership and demand another car on them. C'mon now. You should have bought insurance. After working as a CSR, I can clearly see that civility is dead.
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amen to that

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