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ATT call forwarding runaround

Here is a letter of reply to AT&T about remote call forwarding -- ------ Dear Krissy, I'm so pleased to meet you, and so pleased that you feel my frustrations from the bottom of your most sincere, corporate-scripted heart. Why, here it is Wednesday and you still haven't turned on remote call forwarding on my home phone. The only reason I need this feature is because my phone is being forwarded to the wrong number; I am away for a week, in a remote area; and ATT in its sweetest, most pastoral bovine sessile tranquility can't bring themselves to correct the problem. So I'm willing to pay for a feature I don't need, just to fix it. I've been trying to get ATT to do what should have been done last Saturday. But all that I've been hearing and reading about are excuses why ATT can't do a thing about it. I know, I know - it's out of your corporate hands. (Those hands are tied up anyway, aren't they, writing those corporate free-speech checks in Washington? Believe me, I completely understand your frustrations at having to bother with all those annoying little customers.) Each day there seems to be a new person, with a new excuse about why that particular person cannot do what obviously they are able to do, if they really wanted to help. Tell me, isn't it true that Lily Tomlin is still working for ATT as Ernestine the operator? It's really too bad Verizon doesn't offer home service in California, isn't it? Then ATT might be more inclined to move Ernestine to some position that doesn't involve public relations. I have been a telephone customer at this address for over thirteen years. I pay ATT over $100 a month ($170 if you include the iPhone)...and you need to send me a password for the remote access forwarding by regular mail?? While I am in a remote area of Mexico? Gee, that's really swell. A measure designed not by ordinary bovines, but by really first-rate, prize-winning bovines. The kind you find at the county fair. I'm already getting emails from *my* customers asking why my telephone line doesn't work. But I take a different approach here from what ATT does. I don't tell them that I cannot do anything to help them. I don't send them emails or letters by regular mail, telling them that I completely understand their frustration. Unlike ATT, I actually need to worry about keeping my customers. So please accept my apologies, Krissy, but I must reluctantly decline your sweet, scripted corporate-malarkey apologies. I'd be very happy to have a nice chit-chat with you about all those features you think might be appropriate to add to my account, but it's not so easy to do that at the moment. The cell towers aren't so plentiful here and ATT's per-minute rates aren't the best. But maybe you could still do me a favor, since you so obviously feel my pain and have my best interests at heart. You could take this particular concern to your bosses' boss, and let him know that one of the non-executive, non-cigar-chomping, non-five-martini little-people-without-the-corner-office-downtown customers has run into a problem with ATT's prize-winning bovine dictums, and might actually need to have some real help. Thanks *so* much for your obvious concern. Your loyal customer, Don ---- original correspondence ---- >Greetings Donald, > >Thank you for your email regarding the features on your account. My name >is Krissy and I will be happy to assist you with your inquiry. Please >accept my apology for the frustration you are experiencing with >forwarding your calls. I attempted to reach you by phone. I was hoping >we could talk to ensure I fully understand your issue and could resolve >it to your satisfaction. > >I will be happy to add the Remote Call Forwarding service to your >account, but before I did, I wanted to inform you that AT&T security >guidelines require that we mail you the password for the service via >U.S. Mail. I would not be able to give you this information over the >phone, so it will not benefit you for your forwarding needs immediately. > >I am sorry about the regular Call Forwarding feature. AT&T does not have >the ability to update this information for you. It must be done from the >home number since you are unable to update the information online. > >If you still want me to add the Remote Call Forwarding service for you, >please let me know. > >I know the importance of getting the best value for your money. It is my >goal to make sure you are taking advantage of all the savings that AT&T >has to offer. The more services you have with AT&T, the more you save. >It would be my pleasure to review your account and offer you a >personalized recommendation to save you money. > >Donald, if I can be of further assistance, please reply to this email or >contact me directly at 1-80*-848-**** ext. 6896. I am available between >the hours of 1:30 P.M. and 7:00 P.M., CST. If I am not able to answer, >please leave a message with a telephone number where you can be reached. >I will return your call as soon as possible. It has been my goal to >provide you with outstanding service and that you are very satisfied >with the way I have handled your request. > >Thank you for using AT&T. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty. > > > >Regards, > >Krissy >Your AT&T Customer Service Representative >
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att really stinks, not sure why they are still in business. i cannot make my call forwarding work. i try 72# and just get busy signal.

i have been on hold for 30 minutes and chatting with att for 30 minutes and no one knows anything!

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