Why I am charged for "free" Freedompop plan?


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Irene Moore
According to the FreedomPop Support page, some users could face billing issues even though they signed up for FreedomPop’s free plan. One instance could be that the customer signed up for a free trial and the trial has ended. Free trials are sometimes offered, but they are different than free subscription plans. FreedomPop's free trials last one month, after which customers who have not canceled their service will be charged. FreedomPop's "Free Monthly Broadband Plan” provides customers with 200 MB of broadband data each month at no cost. However, according to the company's terms, customers will be charged a $0.01 maintenance fee to keep their accounts active. In addition, if customers exceed, or even come close to exceeding their data limit, FreedomPop will charge a $20.00 "top up" fee. For example, if a customer is signed up for a 500 MB data plan and uses 401 MB, a "top up" fee will be charged. To avoid additional charges or FreedomPop fees, customers must make sure they downgrade their service before their free trial month ends and monitor their usage closely. It is also important to check out the company Terms and Conditions thoroughly to find out all possible charges.