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ATT - AT&T worst costumer service

I had a lot lot of problem with AT&T from past 3 weeks nearly 150 hours . I tried to add a line for the first time through there website, it generated a web order number for me. Next day i got a mail that my order needs an attention, when i called them,they changed my address and said its in active status and money was deducted from my bank account. As i dint get any confirmation for 3 days..i called them again and they said that my order is cancelled because of some area code problem. But then they dint return my money. Again one of the costumer representative helped me and placed a new order with new number but at the end it also had the same area code problem. At last supervisor had helped me and issued me phone and got my phone next day. Today they shipped two phones for the orders which were cancelled previously, And charge on my account was not removed. I had to be on phone for 5 hours continuously and costumer service will keep on transferring me from one department to another department. They say that our department do not handle this and they transfer to another department. AT&T costumer service is worst. No one knows anything. Representative says that my order was in pending because zipcode is not in market. What does that not in market means for them. They does not know that the new line number will be issued with the area code where primary account is opened and we need to give that zipcode. Only supervisor knows about that and it created whole of this problem.
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As an att CSR, because of all the infor that we there is and in order to handle each account accuratly, we are split up into 20+departments and we only handle our dept, not anyone elses and it does take some time to recieve a refund for any purchases from att

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